Badge of Bibi family spokesperson for Tiancheng Hotel Group (3 members)

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The lovely Bibi family spokespersons gather together, everyone Bibi are transformed into a playful badge, whether it is decorated in schoolbags, backpacks or clothing!


Badge of Bibi family spokesperson for Tiancheng Hotel Group (3 members)


The lovely Bibi family spokespersons gather together, everyone Bibi are transformed into funny and playful badges, whether they are decorated on schoolbags, backpacks or clothing, the cute looks are absolutely loveable! There are eight patterns on the Bibi family spokesperson badges, which are made by the lovely Tiancheng Hotel Group leader "Ruibi", Taipei Tiancheng Hotel spokesperson "Wubi", the Beehive Bee House spokesperson "Q Bee", and Tiancheng Wenlv-Eriyoka Spokesperson "Dubby", Taipei Garden Hotel spokesperson "Huabi", Mizuho Tianhe International Tourist Hotel spokespersons "Rubby" and "Grapefruit" presented, are you smart enough to see them? Be entertained, follow the Bibi family into the happy childlike world! The hotels under the Tiancheng Hotel Group have launched a "hotel theme experience" setting, so that each pavilion has a different theme. Visit the hotel now and experience a different experience in the past. It will trigger travelers' recognition of the brand and achieve emotions. Link. Further develop the "Traveler's Life Proposal" from "Hotel Theme Experience" to discover good things on the ground, hoping that the traveler's life will be extended from the hotel by the spare parts of the hotel experience, the accompanying gifts, and the spokesperson's connection; Tian Chengwen The brigade carefully selects and develops good things, hoping to bring a beautiful change to your life. __**※ Please note the required badge pattern when ordering**__ Product size: Round 5.8cm Product material: fog film, plastic, metal, paper (opp bag packaging) Country of origin: made in Taiwan Precautions: ❤ If you feel uncomfortable after using, please suspend using this product and consult professional medical resources. ❤ According to the regulations of the Department of Health, the efficacy, use and usage must not be mentioned. ❤ In case of insufficient product inventory, you cannot place an order, please leave a message to ask. ❤ The appreciation period is not a trial period. If you buy the wrong size, specification, pattern or any unsatisfactory, please do not open it for use, and contact us within seven days after receiving the product. ❤Precautions for return and exchange, within seven days of the "appreciation period", you can keep the goods and packaging intact and you can return and exchange. Only the "appreciation period" is not the "trial period". The product is incomplete or has been opened for use / trial. We will not accept returns or exchanges. Please think twice before buying! ❤ In the case of natural disasters, human disasters and other force majeure factors that prevent normal shipment, Tiancheng Wenlv reserves the right to accept the final order or not! ❤All products are delivered in standard packaging provided by the post office. ❤ This product is a general brooch function, only for 5 years old and above. ❤ Please use the pin sharply, do not swallow it. International Shipping: ❤ In addition to the countries where the store has set freight, if it is another country, you need to negotiate the freight again, please leave a message to ask.


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