Flowers and flowers - yellow and blue dry bouquet of lavender dry bouquet wedding props

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Flowers and flowers - yellow and blue dry bouquet of lavender dry bouquet wedding props


► design concept
The most important moment in life, let the flowers and flowers for your production of exclusive bouquets and corsage.

We pay attention to you look forward to a lifetime of the wedding,
Holding in the hands of not just bouquet, it is a happy and happy for the vision;
We pay attention to you waiting for a lifetime of the bride,
Do not just chest in the chest, but also a commitment to the responsibility and support.

► Specification size
Picture for the color, style reference, flowers season with the adjustment
The flower surface is about 20cm in diameter

► Dry flower notes
1. Please place the ventilation and shade, to avoid the wet and sun direct environment.
2. Different from the flowers, dry flowers can be preserved for a long time, depending on the different flowers can be maintained for several months to several years.
3. Dry flower size is too small, photography angle will also affect the visual effects, please read the size of each bouquet, in order to avoid cognitive misunderstanding.
4. Dry flowers easy to fall, send a little drop when the situation.

► Precautions
1. flowers, dried flowers are the natural product, as artificial flowers, will inevitably have wrinkles or small spots, the production we will try to remove, but can not guarantee perfect, if you are concerned about not please subscript purchase.
2. flowers often seasonal shortage of quality or poor quality, if the above situation occurs, will be similar to the flowers for you to do professional design adjustments.
3. pictures are real shooting, due to hand-made and the shape of the flower, size, posture are not the same, so the finished product is no way to exactly the same with the merchandise photos, but to ensure that the same style and atmosphere of the works with you The
4. Photo of the packaging paper, flowers, ribbons and other accessories, in case of out of stock, will be replaced with the appropriate container or accessories.
5. To maintain the quality, do not accept the urgent order, please complete the order one week in advance order.
6. We carefully make every kind of goods, if you receive the goods are not satisfied, please take a photo to contact us, so that we can help you in the first time.

► Delivery method
1. Send flowers address in Taichung City, Xitun District, Beitun District, Nantun District, North, West, Eastern, Southern District, the above area of a single consumption of 2,000 yuan, hand free shipping.
2. A single consumption of less than 2,000 yuan, as well as other areas of Taichung and outside the county, you can choose to shop, or we will send the goods by mail.

► Provide customized services
Can be customized according to the needs of different colors, the style of the bride bouquet / bride and groom, please contact us for two weeks in advance to discuss.

►about us
Diffuse grass /
Hope that everyone can be distributed in the life of the beautiful flowers, through the vitality of the flowers, to bring people beyond the material joy and joy.
Chloris /
The word Chloris in the Greek word is green, so she is regarded as the first sprouting flower in spring, and the new flowers in the spring are regarded as the incarnations of Chloris, the god of nature and nature.

Graphic design origin of the floral designer, for the color has a strong sensitivity, will learn their own professional, integrated into the floral works. And hold the enthusiasm of the flowers, in the learning process continue to explore and break through, to create a different style than the traditional floral, hoping to spend the beautiful grass to everyone's mind.
Origin / manufacturing method
Taiwan handmade


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