Butterfly Earrings Small // Kocho Earrings - Polished Brass

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Butterfly Earrings Small // Kocho Earrings - Polished Brass


Designed for full mobility, have self independent thinking, and modern women the courage to express and design. From simple dress when traveling to work in the formal attire, can easily match. Far looks, showing a neat drop-type; a closer look, elegant lines and structural arrangements carefully designed, can not hide its edge. Through extracted butterfly imagery in the eyes of the ANN, ANNXANNXDESIGN look forward to sharing with you, without fear to express their specific qualities of the spirit / Size / Ear hook: 1 x 2.5 cm Ear crashed: 2.6 x 3 x 0.7 cm / Material / Ear hook: high-quality gold-plated (Gold-filled) Ear crashed: Polished Brass (Polished Brass) / Operate and maintain / This brass-plated jewelry is no other metal processing; finished with a wear glasses after the cloth and put it in his pocket clip chain save to block air from entering, avoid illumination also helps save jewelry. In a state of natural oxidation, crashed after sub-color turn dark, please refer to the following preservation methods: When slightly oxidized copper wipe with a wiping cloth or silver cloth. Severe oxidation can use a dry cloth to wipe the oil dip copper, rinse with water. After copper oil wash, dry or hair dryer can. Avoid contact with perfume, lotion, cosmetics and other chemical substances; access to the spa area, swimming pool, beach or bathing, swimming, housework, or strenuous exercise before, you should remove the container. / Designers and brand profile / ANNXANNXDESIGN was founded in 2013 by Han-Yin Hsu in Los Angeles, California. I like to think of the body as a landscape for jewelry. My designs are focused on expressing the elegance of this landscape, and exploring the gesture of each element as it rests on the skin. "I imagine the landscape of the body jewelry, and my jewelry designs focus on the expression of the landscape elegant, And explore each unit leaning on the skin gesture " ANNXANNXDESIGN founded in Los Angeles in 2013 by the US-based Taiwanese designer Han Xu Han-Yin Hsu sound, the use of 3D printing technology, with good 3D computer modeling creation changeable body. Independent body of personality, is a more intuitive exist. Like a smell or a hug, either u / you like or do not like the kind of smell and touch, are difficult to be prejudice and ideology intuition than to convince. For me, this is an intimate understanding between people; also as a creator believe a further precise link than words. ANNXANNXDESIGN through abstract form, to express a silent emotion and thought. Quiet and passionate form, which can be a means of communication; Like the text erratic thoughts to curdle, falling paper. I use writing, would like to invite u / for you to experience together, living with different cultures gives me inspiration and enlightenment. Origin / manufacturing methods Los Angeles, USA


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