Calendula Milk Soap - Moisturizing All skin types are also suitable for baby and allergic skin

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The scent of the fragrance, combined with the moisturizing and gentleness of the milk, applies to all skin types and allergic skin.


Calendula Milk Soap - Moisturizing All skin types are also suitable for baby and allergic skin


Concept: Bright color, fragrant taste, and moisturizing and gentle milk. This soap is suitable for all skin types. Even baby, dear mom can use it with confidence. Ingredients: Olive oil, palm kernel oil, red palm oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, calendula powder, cow's milk, pure water, sodium hydroxide, lavender essential oil, rosemary essential oil. Product Features: The process is to make calendula juice with calendula, and to dissolve the alkali after freezing. After the first dissolved alkali is cooled, the ice cubes are added to preserve the nutrients of the milk. In particular, palm oil is used to replace coconut oil to increase moisture and mildness. Finally add a little essential oil to keep the faint aroma of the soap body. Weight: 100 ± 5 grams Buy more than three free packaging fees, Buy more than six complimentary wooden soap holders Order a warm reminder: 1. Deliver 1 day after order payment. 2. All soaps are hand-made, unique in appearance, color, and weight. Slightly different, please use actual products. 3. The aroma and color of the soap are derived from the natural essential oil and the material itself, which will become lighter as the storage time increases. This is a natural phenomenon. 4. Place the handmade soap in a ventilated, cool, dry place, and avoid high temperature and direct sunlight to avoid deterioration. 5. Return-related regulations: The product has a 7-day appreciation period. After the product is removed from the film, the product will not be returned. Please return it by postal mail. After 7 days, the return will not be accepted. After receiving the return, the original payment will be refunded. Why use hand-made soap that is made slowly and slowly? 1. Handmade soap made by natural cold method, containing glycerin, moisturizes and moisturizes the skin, and retains vitamin A, D, E and other nutrients in plants due to low temperature production, without adding synthetic flavors, pigments, and antiseptic A skin allergen such as a lotion, the skin is moist and smooth after washing, and the soap content is high and there are no other undesirable additives, so the durability is good. 2. General soaps use paraffin and hardener to make them hard, and these are the culprit that blocks the pores of the skin. Quickly and slowly handmade soap does not contain these compounds, completely free of artificial chemicals such as surfactants, foaming agents, stearic acid, fluorescent agents. Because it is purely natural, the hand soap should be kept dry after each use to avoid being too moist. 3. Pure and natural handmade ingredients can be applied to any part of the body. A hand soaping hair, washing your face and washing your body can be done. Because every skin is afraid of chemical damage, you need to manually Soap's natural soap cleansing effect and glycerin moisturizes the skin. 4. Quickly and slowly, handmade soap is not the same as chemical cleaner. After about 24 hours of contact with water, bacteria will break down water and carbon dioxide. Even if it flows into the ocean, it will not cause environmental pollution and pose a threat to living things. Origin / manufacturing methods Origin: Taiwan / Pure hand made


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