Healing more meat series | LOVE love pair pair

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Elegant European-style bird pots, full of romantic feelings, especially with the healing succulents, is very suitable for lover!



Healing more meat series | LOVE love pair pair


**| Product specifications** 1. European love to bird pots. (The bird is not fixed and can be picked up) 2. Size: Length: 21.5 cm / Width: 19.5 cm / basin height of about 11 cm 3. Select about 10-12 fleshy plants in the season 4. Use soil for succulent plants ※This price is the main price of the floral art, and does not include the surrounding props. **| Product Description** Plant varieties change due to seasonal changes. In order to match the plant growth form, the plant design will change the plant with visual beauty and coordination (product map is for reference only). **| Ordering Information** 1. Since each plant is specially ordered for you, it will be shipped 7-10 working days after remittance. 2. If you need urgent service, please inform the required date of receipt in advance to help you confirm whether it can be The date of successful delivery. **| Shipping & Packaging** 1. Since the plants are living, in order to reduce the damage during transportation, they are shipped in transport packaging with anti-collision materials and shipped in a home delivery manner. 2. If you are gifting a beautiful gift box, you can communicate with us in advance, and you can purchase additional cards and gift boxes. **| Basic cultivation methods** Please place a sunny and ventilated place, watering for about two weeks in summer, and watering for 7-10 days in autumn and winter. [We will attach a delicate succulent planting instruction card] **| Precautions** 1. Since the plant is a living body, it is recommended that you disassemble it as soon as possible after receiving it and place it in a ventilated place. 2. We will make a complete package at the time of shipment. If it is overturned during transportation, please take photos at the first time and contact us for us to follow up. 3. If you accidentally break the fleshy leaves during transportation or unpacking, please don't discard the cockroaches. He can use the "leaf dress" to breed another new succulent baby. 4. Planting does not provide online shopping for 7 days of appreciation. 5. Each monitor has a slight color difference, and the color of the product will be subject to shipment. .................................................. .................................................. ......... **[If you need to give gifts, you can purchase a "Universal Card"]** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/46885241065_888bb064f3_b.jpg ■ If you purchase a product, you can purchase a universal card. Please remember to mark the card style after ordering. If there is no label, it will be shipped randomly! *Add a universal card, please click the link below https://www.pinkoi.com/product/vMFxtbSR


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