After the elephant is off work (mobile phone holder / business card holder)

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Animal creation after work Every animal plays a good pet of the owner at home, once the owner does not pay attention, What is the private life of animals?



After the elephant is off work (mobile phone holder / business card holder)


I can’t get tired of working in the circus every day. The first thing to go home is to just lie on the sofa lazily. Have a cold beer and enjoy the little luck in this life!! Have a refreshing drink after work~~ Forget the bird thing to work!! Product Usage 1. Desktop treatment decoration, 2. Mobile phone seat for mobile phone rest 3. Place a business card or card Product Information Product content: one elephant + one mobile phone sofa set (product has been combined) Material: poly / handmade Dimensions: 85 (long) X 65 (width) X 85 (height) mm note!! 1. The width of the product storage groove is about 1cm. Pay attention to the thickness of the mobile phone and the mobile phone case before buying. 2. The products are slightly different for each hand-painted, please think twice before buying. 3. The color of the product may be slightly different due to the difference in image or screen resolution. 4. Product cleaning It is recommended to use a soft brush to gently remove dust. If it is dirty, it is recommended to wipe it gently with a damp cloth. The surface of the product has a protective paint. However, it is not recommended to clean it vigorously, and there may be a possibility of discoloration. Animal creation after work There are also many different animals and DIY self-coloring kits. Please visit the store to buy!! Each piece is made by our husband and wife. Commodities are the little funny things in our lives together with our husband and wife. After the thought, the sculpture was created by hand. Focus on the details and keep the fun of the work. We use a variety of materials to create sculpture masters, such as carved oil Or smooth stone clay and plaster to sculpture The details and story of each piece are the most important to us. Brand Name: Together together living at home Together is a life brand created by a couple, from the daily living environment with us We start with life items and develop a variety of interesting multi-material mix and match style products to decorate and embellish our lives. The world is very big, and the things we care about are always small, but it is also because these delicate emotions have created people's distinctive style. The world is big, but there are tiny things we always care for. It is these delicate feelings that shape our tastes and make us different. brand introduction: All kinds of household items and interesting decorations in life are the goals of our development and innovation. I hope that our products will make life full of more fun. Become a good partner to grow up together in your life, and become a part of the decoration and beautification life. Brand story We hope that the products we create can grow up with people, have fun together, and grieve together, so we call it together together. There is also an interesting point in the brand name, the English word together, We disassemble it to to get her, to imply [get her], I hope everyone can have her favorite. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan / manual mold / hand color


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