Japan ADERIA Bugai Vangu Clay Pottery

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In the eyes of the Japanese, the cooking artifacts, high-quality ceramics are fired at high temperatures, and the grilled net cooking ingredients are placed. The heat is slower than that of the metal pots, but the original taste of the ingredients can be f


Japan ADERIA Bugai Vangu Clay Pottery


**- Design and manufacture of Japanese glass factory** **- The original ingredients of the boiled ingredients** **- Suitable for all kinds of smoked dishes** **- Iron mesh is also suitable for cooking vegetables, no loss of nutrition** **- The lid is transparent and the cooking brilliance is clearly visible** https://image.rakuten.co.jp/shopishizuka/cabinet/category/kikaku/teian/berenping_top.jpg **Japanese cuisine in the eyes of the people - the original ingredients of the boiled ingredients** High-quality ceramics are fired at high temperature, and the cooking ingredients are placed on the grilled net. The heat is slower than that of the metal pot, but the original taste of the ingredients can be fully utilized, and the nutrients of the food are not easily damaged. The transparent lid design allows the occupant to easily observe the condition of the ingredients in the pot. https://www.wabo.com.tw/images/978/16978_album_5_5bee698eda5bf.jpg https://www.wabo.com.tw/images/978/16978_album_6_5bee698eda5bf.jpg https://www.wabo.com.tw/images/978/16978_album_7_5bee698eda5bf.jpg 1, Wan Gu burning appliances burned without cracking, can be placed in the oven, can withstand a temperature difference of 800 degrees, burned the ingredients immediately soaked cold water does not matter, will not encounter cold burst. 2, boiled, stewed and grilled, all-round, all-purpose, higher than other pots. 3, most of the Vanguard pots are nearly round, set the medium and small fire, so that the airflow in the pot can achieve perfect convection effect, shorten the time of cooking food. 4. During the firing process, the body will release far-infrared rays, which will decompose the enzymes in the food, which will make the ordinary ingredients have an extraordinary taste. 5, high value is very practical, even if you leave some traces of time, it will not affect the aesthetics. https://www.wabo.com.tw/images/upload/Image/62158338_442211182993460_5718887988470318676_n.jpg [The origin of the ancient burning] In 1736, Japan was in the name of Tokugawa's family, and the two generals took power, and got rid of the "canine public" Tsuna, and the bad Japanese economy was restored. At that time, it coincided with a businessman in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture, Japan, who loved tea ceremony and focused on excavating ceramic kiln to produce hand-made ceramic utensils for tea lovers. In order to prevent others from copying, and for ceramic objects to be permanently transmitted, he would The product is marked with the mark that is difficult to make, so the product is named "Wangu Shao". "Burning" means ceramics in Japanese, and Van Gogh can be understood as a ceramic product produced in the Van Gogh area. Van Gogh has been designated as "Japanese traditional folk crafts". The clay texture is relatively delicate, and the sandstone particles mixed on the surface of the utensils are taught to be small. Generally, the carcass of the fired body is usually pink and pink, but dark. The gray glaze of Vanguard is mostly brownish, showing a mysterious dark green. After rubbing it by hand, you will find that the texture of the ancient burnt is lighter. [ADERIA GLASS Ishigaki Glass Co., Ltd.] In 1819, Ishiguro Ishiro started his business in the manufacture of glass products in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, and produced glass bottle products in the early days. Now it has its own manufacturing plants in Iwakura, Tokyo, Kushiro, and Fukuzaki. In 1962, the company's exclusive brand "ADERIA GLASS (アデリアグラス)" was established for the needs of the retail market, and it has repeatedly won awards in the annual "Good Design Award" design in Japan. https://www.wabo.com.tw/images/upload/Image/56819230_388096802031413_5489990158607661954_n(1).jpg [product specifications] Main material: ceramic, glass (heat resistant 120 degrees), iron mesh, cherry sawdust Dimensions: body / 23 × 23 × 7cm, glass lid / 18.4 × 18.4 × 10.3cm Origin: Japan (ceramic pot and lid), China (iron net) 【Precautions】 - Do not burn empty. - Be careful not to rinse with cold water while the lid is still hot, so as to avoid cracking and breakage of the glass. - If there is a stick in the bottom of the pot, add baking soda and water, cook for a while, and the fire will be removed for a while. - The product is a handmade product. There are differences in shape, size, color and weight. There may be bubbles inside the glass, which are normal. Applicable: gas stove, dishwasher, microwave oven Not applicable: IH induction cooker, oven


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