Sea Islander

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"Haiyou Island" map book: Coastal industry documentary reports and fictional novels, marine imagery oil painti



Sea Islander


There is the sea. Islander Born in Taiwan, destined to become an islander, no accident should have seen the sea. Looking at the end of the sea and the sea is the boundary. Perhaps so, the ancient Greeks believed that the ocean was a big river that would cross the border and go to heaven. Thanks to science, we already know the boundaries of the ocean and it does not exist. According to research, the global ocean current conveyor belt completes a cycle, about 1000 years. And the sea level I saw with my eyes was not even! It is mainly affected by gravity (gravity), and the sea surface echoes the curvature of the seabed. However, human understanding of the sea has so far been extremely limited. So, this is really a book with a difficult process. As an islander, living on the East Coast, we do not know the sea in the offshore. Occasionally seen fishing boats landing ashore, but what fishing methods are there for fishing? How do seasonal ocean currents affect each other? Everything on the sea, I do not know. What's more mysterious under the sea, what kind of fish will be traced back to the stream? Why do corals change color? Why did the turtle no longer visit? ...... We want to understand the sea more. From winter to summer, actual visits have been repeated several times, and it seems to be very powerful: documentary industry reports, highway movie-like novels, marine oil paintings, fishery line illustrations, and life illustrations in the sea. Are you curious to start reading from "Hai You" or "Islander"? There is a report at one end and a novel at one end. The performance is very different. In fact, all of them talk about "meeting each other." Sea/Island, Life/Death, Hunter/Prey, Tradition/Modern, Real Story/Fiction... If we can personally experience the "difference, there is no existence," a real encounter will occur. I look forward to the emergence of this book, to attract readers willing to come to the Pacific side and experience it personally. **table of Contents** "Hainan" 8-17 Sea Festival Fukubin Township, the Isozaki tribe, the Shinsho community, and the port tribe (Wu Xuanzhuang) 18-25 Flying Fish Fengbin Township Xinshe Tribe (Wu Yawen) 26-33 Swordfish Fengbin Township Shitiping Fishing Port (Chen Weiting) 34-41 fishing rod seedlings Hualien River, Hualien City 42-49 Coastal Acquisition Fengbin Township Shimen (Wang Yuping) 50-57 Set fish farms Xincheng Township Qixingtan (Lin Xuanxun) 58-67 Leisure at Sea Shoufeng Township Yanjing, Liyutan Hualien City Whale Watching Pier (Zhang Yiting, Huang Shijie) Islander 4-19 Summer _ received her mother’s wishes Hualien City, Xincheng Town Qixingtan Sea burials/June 23, July 7 and July 8 (Lin Yixuan) Whale Watching / July 9 and July 10 (Huang Wenyi) Travel / July 11 (Yang Ruijing), July 12th (Wang Yuping) 20-35 Autumn - Islanders in Touch with the Sea Fengbin Township Xinshe Tribe Caspian Sea / October 21 (Chen Weiting), October 23 (Wang Yuping) Xinshe Elementary School / October 24 (Wu Xuanxuan) Knitweaver House / October 25, October 26 (Simpeying) 36-63 Winter _ assembles mom's image Taipei Huashan, Ji'an Township, Fengbin Township Port Tribe, Taitung Chenggong Township Bagua, Fengbin Township Shijieping Kamaro'an / November 20, December 11 (Jenny Lin) Wata / December 14 (Loyenne) Cepo'Art Center / December 15th (Wu Xuanxuan) Heidi Yip / December 22 (Ximpeijin) Iyo Kacaw / December 23 (Wu Xuanxuan) Full native mother tongue kindergarten in Makota'ay Port / December 24th (Hikaru Lin) Diary of Riyar / December 31 (Lin Shuzhao) 64-73 Spring _ heading to the sea Fengbin Township, Jingpu Village, Shoufeng Township, Yancheng District Beautiful Lakaw / March 29, April 1 (Sinking) Heading to the sea / May 13th, May 15th, May 17th (Zhang Yiting) **The author** Write and write school The fourth teacher and student co-creation Authors Wang Yuping, Xin Peijin, Wu Xuanxuan, Wu Yawen, Shen Yu, Lin Yuxuan, Lin Shuzhao, Chen Weiting, Zhang Yiting, Huang Wenyi, Huang Shijie, Yang Ruijing, Lu Yi'an Photography _ Jiang Wenlong, Wu Xuanxuan, He Ruiqi, Lin Jingyi, Jin Lei, Xu Ziheng, Chen Guanrong, Lekal Sumin (Rex Shumy) Drawing _ Xin Pei Jin (oil painting), Yang Ruijing (black and white line drawing), Huang Wenyi (sea creature illustration + map) Islander Special_Wu Yawen Handwriting _ Chen Wende (cover), Chen Yunwen (lyrics) Editor _ Wang Yuping, Wu Xuanxuan, Lin Yuxuan Design_Chen Wende Proofreading _ Wang Yuping, Wang Xinyi, Wu Xuanxuan, Lin Yixuan, Zheng Peixin Marketing _ Wang Xinyi Family Language Consultant_Lin Yuxi (Maram Lan), Lin Shuzhao (Ami) 2017 "Teach Words and Editing School" class teachers Planning_Li Huizheng Interview _ Chen Yufen Photography_钟顺龙 Design_Chen Wende Editor _ Lai Guanyu, Wang Yuping Marketing _ Wang Xinyi Publishing _ write and write studio Printing_ Cheng Wei Business Co., Ltd. The first edition of a brush on June 23, 2018 Pricing _380 yuan


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