Graduation gift---Little OH! Handmade leather key ring set - short. customized

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Celebrate the graduation season! Little OH! Combined Leather <Customized Lettering> [short leather key ring two]



Graduation gift---Little OH! Handmade leather key ring set - short. customized


Little OH! Combined Leather <Customized Lettering> [short leather key ring two] / Product Size/ 6.9*1.7 cm Acceptable within 9 characters (including English, numbers, spaces) The current symbol is only ".", "&", "-" **No Chinese lettering** Both are accompanied by hand box packaging (changing the packaging as the season changes). Manual typing one by one Use caution. But don't expect 100% perfection like machine lettering. There are Little OH! LOGO on one side, do not need to inform in advance ** Please write note when ordering** - Pink Purple Out of Print - New/primary, purple, black Add / caramel brown [leather key ring] Hand-made leather, a variety of colors, can be freely collocation / Product packaging / With hand-carton / Product content / Key ring X2, special with post office shipping, send free lettering **Please mark the desired color/lettering content on the order note** **This store is pure key ring, no metal pendant** If you need a metal pendant please go to another store: positive Negative Leather used for planting suede From Europe / South America 1-9 color hand-dye The dyed features: There will be a retro feeling 10-13 Manual Spray Painting Dyeing features: presents macarons cute color effect New/primary, purple, black Add / caramel brown 2015 Pet Fair First Sale //// On-site custom lettering /// Cooperation with Animal Protection Association /// **Can match leather color Please refer to the favorite pattern first. Message We ask if there is any spot. **Dog style: Fighting / Cogi / Keith / Sausage / Hiromi / Meeks / Labrador / Golden Retriever / Schnauzer / Spitz / Maltese / VIP / Xish / Yorkshire / Samoyed / Border Collie, etc. continued to increase ** Animal style: owl / lovebird / Persian cat / white tabby / black and white Mercedes cat / lucky cat / elephant / horse / crocodile ** Geometry Style: Paper Cranes / Owls | Attention | 若 If some lines and wounds appear in the leather goods, it is normal The amount of hand-made goods is limited, please be considerate that there may be no spot situation 皮革 Hand-colored and dyed leather, it is possible that the same design will have a slight color difference 📌 The status and brightness of each screen are different. The photo will be displayed as accurately as possible, but the actual product may still be a slight color difference with the photo. 皮革 Leather because the cowhide skin will have pores, lines, blood vessels, etc., if there are spots, traces of small lines, leather convex is normal! It is also a precious place for hand-dyed leather dyeing and production. Please think twice about the customers who are pursuing flawless products! Please understand that leather and handmade are unique. | Maintenance | 尽可能 Keep it dry as much as possible. If you can, please take care of the oil on the leather, or the human hand actually has natural oils to care for him. Touch him more. 📌 If you do not rain, touch the water naturally dry, do not use a hair dryer, light-colored leather will have a little trace, does not affect the use. 迷人 The beauty of leather is that it will have a retro feel over a long period of time, creating a distinctive personal style. Customized Products Needed| 📌 Provide a small number of universal card service (in 20 words) 📌 If you have a special gift date, you can tell us that we will try our best to cooperate with you, and we will inform you if it is too late. 客 Customized merchandise will begin production after payment and will not accept returns 📌 Please understand that the designer is human, we will strive to put the word straight, please do not give the machine-like lettering expectations:) Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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