BUHO hand made. Wisteria. Violet X South American Brazilian Wax Line Bracelet

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Violet. Phosphorus red iron ore. purple. violet. Light brown. Supplement blood. Soothe emotions. Sterling silver. hand made. South American Brazilian wax bracelet.



BUHO hand made. Wisteria. Violet X South American Brazilian Wax Line Bracelet


★★ Wisteria ★★ Violet X South American Brazilian Wax Line Bracelet Light and faint purple, as if in a beautiful wisteria flower sea, like a dream. ◇ Gem knowledge: The scientific name of the sericite is called "phosphorus red iron ore", which is a light purple ore with a ceramic luster. At the body level, phosphorus red iron ore has phosphorus and iron elements, which can supplement blood and is suitable for women to wear. At the spiritual level, the phosphorus red iron ore belongs to the single crystal oblique system, and the energy flow is fast and gentle. It can support and stabilize the energy of the heart wheel and the umbilical wheel, soothe the tension and irritability, and open the mind. 材质 Material: Zi Mica / 925 sterling silver / South American Brazilian wax line ◇ Size: Violet 14x11mm, 9.3mm / hand circumference about 13-22cm, freely adjustable ▾▿▾▿▾▿ ▾▿▾▿▾▿ ▾▿▾▿▾▿ ▾▿▾▿▾▿ ▾▿▾▿▾▿ ▾▿▾▿▾▿ ▾▿▾▿▾▿ ▾▿▾▿▾▿ ▾▿ ▾▿▾▿ [Hand circumference description] Each of BUHO's bracelets has a minimum and maximum size, for example 13–22 cm, which can be adjusted freely. As long as your A and B are between 13–22 in length, you can wear them. ►Because the wax line is slightly stretchable, if you are used to wearing it, it is recommended to buy a bracelet that is 0.5-1 cm smaller than the actual hand circumference. (For example, if you measure 14 cm in hand, you can buy a bracelet with a minimum length of 13 cm to match.) ►Hand circumference method: Take the tape measure around the wrist at the thinnest part of the size (cm) is the hand circumference, the tightness can be just attached to the hand. https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4627/39333318604_fe2df86ebd_h.jpg [Natural Stone Description] Every natural stone is the treasure of the earth. After thousands of years, it forms a special healing energy. Different textures, clouds, ice cracks and small mines lack the unique appearance of this world. This is the charm of natural stone. ►Each stone used by BUHO is a natural crystal ore. It is normal to have clouds, ice cracks, ore and sputum. Please be sure to accept the order! https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4749/39622427422_77ea1b6814_h.jpg https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4660/38944071774_9f661d4a19_h.jpg [after sales service] Wax-knit bracelets and necklaces use flat or flat knots to adjust the length. It will inevitably be loose after a long time of use. Therefore, wax-line products are free to replace flat knots/rings within one year. Calculated from the date of purchase. The date is indicated on the back of the card, please return it with the item. ※You need to pay for the postage by yourself. [about packaging] https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4765/39622427452_2b0f89f891_h.jpg BUHO hand-made uniforms are shipped in simple packaging, and the goods are packed in zipper bags for easy collection. If you have gift-giving needs, you can purchase jewelry box packaging, please click the following link to add: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/PfcpcRtx?category=8 https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4765/25781154108_6976264fa9_b.jpg https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4755/24795483727_7f7cf1f9d1_b.jpg


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