Big Whale Tote Bag (Phoenix Squirrel)

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Ultra-light Beam Backpack! Capacity larger than the average beam backpack, back there are exclusive wallet zipper mobile



Big Whale Tote Bag (Phoenix Squirrel)

商品説明 **﹝ image design ﹞ phoenix flower squirrels** To a family living in Tainan Confucius Temple, our children always love to ride a bicycle on the prairie in the Confucius Temple, Every ride to the tree, you will curiously stop to see the squirrels Phoenix tree, shouting: "Mommy, I saw the mouse !!!" So the designer mother ayo to Phoenix tree trunks on the most attractive squirrels as the protagonist, Squirrels standing on the phoenix flower seed pods, on behalf of the family endless ideas. Girls, please carry this backpack, into the forest adventure, take a look at the top of the trunk of the squirrel, and that endless sky! **﹝ original structure ﹞ big whale beam mouth backpack** If you have a pair of creative eyes, you will find that the design of the beam backpack structure is very special, Turn her up, you can see that she is a big whale belly !!! Two strap ring is big eyes, the handlebar is the tail! Compared to our previous works of small goldfish, big 30%! Back more than a mezzanine, so you can stratified admission! From then on, the big whale can put down the A4 book and the 13-inch laptop! **﹝ manual screen printing ﹞** What is manual screen printing? I believe many of my friends do not know, This time to visit hundreds of workers in Tainan, found a manual screen printing up to "Mr. surfing." "Surfing Mr." Weekend interest is to go to the beach with the size of the whole family to play the storm board, the highest record is from the island of wave light wind board to go seven seaside! However, Mr Surfing's usual professional hand screen printing.This printing method with a few hundred years ago Cai Lun quite different works, the first plate-making pattern into a screen, through the screen on a transparent hole, the color by hand Brush to the fabric, but also to brush many times, each be careful to be uniform and beautiful! Because of surfing Mr. self-demanding, can not tolerate mistakes, previously invited helpers always left because of carelessness ... So in his personal printing room, he can only see the lonely figure, full of muscle and handsome Carrying out manual printing, Tainan hundred jobs, really great art! **﹝ function profile ﹞**  sweet style --- strict selection of canvas production, color and eye with good, casual or sweet style perfect show!  Dual-purpose back method --- bag elegant + backpack cute, so you have it! Portable strap can be tied up two small ears, cute and easy to take Capacity --- A4 can be, behind the sandwich zipper, more convenient and more storage.  Beam design --- bag section opening beam pocket design, left and right to open into mobile phones / keys / wallets / umbrellas / water bottles and other personal items (Back in red) **﹝specification﹞** Length*width: 40*34cm Measured in centimeters units flat, layoo bags are handmade, there may be a slight gap! Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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