S type American hand-woven twine - pale purple gradient - glass bottle - coffee cup - hand shake

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The United States imported twine hand-woven woven bag, the material is a friendly earth environment wire, can return to the earth does not pollute the environment, the mesh bag can be hand-cranked cup, coffee cup, fruits and vegetables, fashion and environ



S type American hand-woven twine - pale purple gradient - glass bottle - coffee cup - hand shake


{Handmade environmentally friendly woven bag} hand-woven When we go out to buy drinks, we always add a plastic bag, but most people will throw away a lot of waste. When we think of our marine life, we are in the midst of extinction. When we sailed in the Caribbean in 2014, I practiced weaving mesh bags to decorate the items needed in the cabin to prevent the risk of falling objects due to the hull, so weaved the bags every day and became able to sell and earn money during the trip. After returning to Taiwan, the net bag was included in the Sea Shell handmade shell products, and it was unexpectedly a popular item. Each hand-made mesh bag takes 3 to 8 hours to complete, and the color will be based on the actual color of each computer. The perfectionist please think twice before placing an order. *It will affect the "price" due to the difference in mesh size, patterning/lace weaving/ and material (monochrome and color mixing). note! ! ! The shell decoration will be randomly decorated! Can't be the same as on the photo! Net bag size (The size of the coffee cup in the photo is: 13.5cm high x 9.5 cm wide) Mesh bag: 16 cm high (without handle) X width can be raised to about 10 cm. ⛵️This product is: one hand Material: It is extracted from the roots of hemp by using the American imported "twist". Toughness is strong and it is not easy to break under normal use. "Ma: 80%. Cotton: 20%" About the introduction of American hemp Cannabis is an annual herb of the genus Cannabis, which can be used as food, medicinal, fiber, paper and other materials. HEMP can be planted in a wide range, from cold zone to temperate zone to tropical zone. It can also be planted in the case of poor land and no pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and it can also improve the local soil environment. Cannabis stems can be made of fiber, thread, paper and building materials, while seeds can be pressed (food/cosmetic/ointment/fuel) Because the fibers of HEMP are hollow, they have good ventilation and moisture wicking effects. The strength of the thread is also 8 times that of cotton, and the durability is 4 times that of cotton. Cannabis is an annual herb that consumes a lot of carbon dioxide during its growth. And because chemical fertilizer is not needed when planting, it will not cause the depletion of the ground. Because marijuana can cover the raw materials needed for life, such as fiber, fuel, building materials, plastics, food, etc. And it can replace chemical fuels or some petroleum products, so some people have suggested that cannabis can protect the earth's environmental resources. In fact, countries have begun to study and use cannabis as a plant of biological raw materials.


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