Elegant Carlsman - Black / Penny Loafer - Black

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The easy-to-wear, foot-and-foot design is natural yet elegant, with a streamlined man, straight to the forefront of the chic.



Elegant Carlsman - Black / Penny Loafer - Black


*Please ask for stock before subscript * Ordered products will be produced after confirmation of payment *The estimated construction period is four weeks (excluding national holidays), and the delivery will be notified separately. [Introduction of shoes] The typical Loafer is a low-profile, shoe-free design. Since it is the most easy to put on and off in all the shoes, it is also called Slip-on. In the category of Dress shoes, Loafer is also considered to be The most casual shoes are therefore less common in formal events. Loafers first appeared in London in 1847. At that time, a shoe factory called Wildsmith Shoes created this easy-to-wear indoor shoes for the royal family. By 1907, Norway began to produce similar shoes and exported them to all parts of Europe, and then brought them back to the United States through occasional merchants; thanks to the American touts (Esquire) touted and hyped, opened the real Popular trends. Although the casual atmosphere is strong, as long as you grasp the style and color, you can also deal with different occasions. In general, the slim design of the dark with the high vamp can effectively show the leather texture and the proportion of the dress, which greatly enhances the formal business sense. It is based on the convenience of wearing and unloading (in short, everyone is too lazy to tie shoes Belt), this is also the most popular leather shoes style in the Chinese region. Compared with other official shoes, the use of Lok Fu shoes can also give others a feeling of casualness. Take advantage of the good weather on weekends, wear relaxed Lok Fu shoes, go out and walk! https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1872/44659750662_70d1e24191_c.jpg [Process introduction] https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1868/44602525142_df8f50082f_t.jpg**• 100% MIT, supporting Taiwanese industry** From the system to the suture, the solid technology of one needle and one line, we insist on rooting in Taiwan. In addition to believing in the technical level of domestic production, we hope to be able to do our best to support and further stimulate the renaissance of Taiwan's traditional industries. https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1845/43742899435_a18ec6135c_t.jpg**• Exclusively developed Asian shoe lasts, with an elegant look and comfortable walking** Under the premise of comfort, we insist on the development of long and elegant European shoe lasts, with the most orthodox overall design, to completely renovate the stereotypes of consumers on leather shoes. https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1893/43742899295_51cc202254_t.jpg**• Strictly select the top imported leather upper to create the highest quality** The selection of high-grade leather in various countries is made of shoe-making materials, and the use of translucent calfskin as the inner lining, the delicate touch and the soft appearance, the texture is self-evident, allowing you to easily control all occasions. https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1856/43742899145_c0dab44605_t.jpg**• Memory composite insole for your different foot needs** In the traditional leather shoe process, cork is one of the key functional materials. It is suitable for shoe making because of shock absorption, cushioning and foot-shaped memory function after wearing for a long time. https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1857/43742899065_f0b9e42b59_t.jpg**• Elegant rubber outsole for durability and durability** Made of A-grade rubber with strong protection, it has a unique wood grain appearance, beautiful appearance and practical wear, providing consumers with the best grip and wear resistance around the clock. Size: 37 - 48


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