Small Chicken - Changhua Feather Duster Desktop Cleaning Brush

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Traditional Taiwanese Feather Duster - Desktop Cute Cleaning Brush Taiwan’s dying traditional craftsmanship needs a chan


Small Chicken - Changhua Feather Duster Desktop Cleaning Brush

商品説明 The reason why Taiwan's traditional cultural handicrafts are gradually disappearing is not because of poor quality or bad technology, but gradually faded out with the change of living needs. The props used in traditional life have gradually been replaced by new technologies. However, this technique truly represents Taiwan’s important cultural values. Our brand continues the practicality of traditional craftsmanship and gives it a taste of living aesthetics. Feather Duzi has different memories and experiences in everyone’s life experience. Some friends think of being used by a mother to be punished by a feather duster when he is not a child. Some friends see it when he thinks of a child and sees Agong and Auntie. Sweep the furniture and windows in the home. **The little thoughts brought to life - the traditional feather duster re-enters your life** * Desktop cleaning brush * Natural feather preparation * Taiwan's traditional skills * Lightweight and practical * Refine traditional craftsmanship The design of the wood handle focuses on a comfortable grip. We choose the wood because it has a natural and comfortable touch. In terms of size and shape, we are constantly thinking about holding the comfort! Soft chicken feathers are good for cleaning electronic products. The helper cuts the keyboard and nets HANDS thinks that cultural innovation is not always continuous innovation and uniqueness and design sense. Many commercial and cultural products in the market appear to be creative but lose their novelty quickly. The market is eliminated. What is the definition of continuous innovation? What are the conditions that must be included in a good cultural product? I have discovered the value of culture from the past, let these cultural values continue through the design, and think about the future to give everyone a better life experience! A good cultural and creative commodity is able to ask Culture and industry do their utmost to create new values for the industry. How to care for and clean feather duster? Everyone often asks how feather feather feathers are to be cleaned. Master Chen Zhonglu tells us that with his years of experience with chicken feathers, the chicken feather is beautiful, and he often uses it. The master teacher said that although it was unplugged, It is still active, so it is very natural to use chicken feathers. The other chicken feathers are not suitable for heavy pressure. Feathers are easily deformed due to heavy pressure. If slight deformation occurs, the feathers can be returned to their original positions, and after cleaning, they are covered with a lot of dust. The chicken feathers can be taken to the trash can to lightly dust into the trash, or can be used on the chicken feathers over the water but can not be soaked in water or washed directly with water, otherwise it will destroy the resin inside the fixed feather , Qingshui water finish to the balcony after exposure to the sun one day after the chicken feathers will restore the previous beautiful posture 啰 ! Good use feather duster can use more than six years 喔 ~


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