"Flower" magazine No. 36 ─ ─ heavy taste Chi

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"Flower" magazine No. 36 ─ ─ heavy taste Chi


Bimonthly, "boiled fish culture" published, published every single month, in business, triple, world, China, Kubrick, Page One, Eslite, Musical, Preamble, Yulin, Pastoral and other available. Partial stock is limited and is on sale. Heavy taste Chi Kai first language / Lu Jin Chi First I must tell you openly that this feature is for readers who have a unique reading taste. If you have your appetite, please, despite your enjoyment of what our editors have given you and hope you are satisfied, feel free to promote it to your friends who are close to you. However, if you are not interested in this reading taste anymore, you may feel overwhelmed by the words of heavy taste such as violence, abuse or perversion, and I suggest you try some of them . Because we were trying to find a good introduction to the different literary traditions in the planning of the entire topic by explaining the aesthetics of these heavy flavors of reading so that you do not have to read some of the words that make you so distasteful, Reading to these heavy flavors is one thing. I believe you read, will certainly realize that found this and that you like the work, but also count the ranks of heavy taste. First, we will elucidate the meaning of "heavy taste" in terms of etymology and find some literary concepts that help to further analyze heavy-taste works. Let us know what the so-called heavy-taste works in the process of realization were borrowed from Classic literary element? Then we will introduce to you more and more how the Marquis German genre in the European literary tradition and the Marquis Sade, the founder of the metamorphosis, represent the aesthetic preferences of many tastes, The traditional evaluation, in the end how to help us understand the heavy taste of reading and ethics between the ambiguous relationship. If you think the above terms are a bit nagging, I think some of the creators' experiences will help you to understand the aesthetic keywords that are closely related to heavy taste. Do you remember the "brutal theater" heard by so many tasteful writers? But you are always a bit scratching head on this aesthetic term? So I got the theater artist Li Ya Yu this time with his own directorial experience, to introduce you to the cruel theater founder Ata Theater's concept, and she also bluntly told you to confess the practice of this set of difficulties. As long as you take a hard look, you will even understand that heavy-hearted reading is like putting yourself in this adventurous art experiment. All right! The next two are really serious flavored novels. His red-eyed youthful memories of a good innocence are based on his youthful memories of a tender mouth, but the story of two boys pursuing a girl with a dietary taste but with a touch of brushwork remodeling a teenager's growth story. Another by those who middle-aged uncle who is no longer the beauty of memories of the distance gaze, one by one these dreams in the past who dreams of the most critical homosocial desire intended to resolve. While another Taiwanese Mesozoic novelist YAN Zhong-hsien, while more directly and explicitly describing the functional pleasure of the pure body, he further refers all the excavations of the desire intent to the luxurious buildings carrying heavy historical ghosts On top of the King, he thoroughly upplayed the repetitive video game of the old boy in "Incomprehension" to the subversive position of the Gothic novel. Lastly, we also find Huang Biyun, a novel writer who was able to decorate those yellowish and shabby historical monuments just published last year, letting her take the lead in trying to find a way to go completely through those uppercase Objective perspective of aesthetics beyond the perspective of the traditional literature to re-taste the next footnote, if every time you see the literary history of those uncle's heavy taste writing can only stunned, speechless, just can not help but Shaking his head and sighing; you may find in her reflections on all desires, a "heavier, less settled" reading point that no longer cares about literary or aesthetic choices. Origin / manufacturing methods Hong Kong


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