Single Bubble Ring

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The bubble series is inspired by the impermanence of the ocean. Simple single bubble silver ring.



Single Bubble Ring


BU “BUBBLE” Collection ⟡ Inspired by OCEAN Air bubble, water shape, irregularity. Bubble series inspired by the impermanence of the ocean The fluidity of the water makes each combination unique. Occasionally I think of that day, Unconditionally being gently embraced by the cool sea water, The hair danced with it, Quiet and noisy around, While gazing at a single color blue sky, I follow the ocean current, The original blue, and the original me. — "Single Bubble Ring" ⟡Material: Sterling Silver ⟡Color: Polished Silver ⟡Size: International Wai # 4 ~ # 13 ⟡MIT {Ring measurement} -You need to prepare a finger, a ruler, an inelastic line or note, a pen, a tool that can be googled -Measure the inner diameter of the ring you usually wear -Or use an inelastic line to surround the thickest joint of the finger, mark the intersection and overlap, and measure the full length after flattening, which is the "inner circumference of the ring" -Ring diameter and perimeter, you can google the ring "International Wai", choose the ring size accurately. * Many factors may cause measurement errors. If the seasons are different, the fingers are hot and cold, Or personal conditions are different, such as early morning edema. Usually the left and right hands will be different, usually the dominant hand, the knuckles will be thicker, In order to avoid the problem of incompatibility, you should carefully measure your ring! 须 Know Before You Buy HOPHOELIA is a personal studio, most of the products are custom-made, and there are few stocks. The production time required for each product is different, and the shipping date ranges from 7-15 days after ordering (excluding holidays). Any special needs and commodity-related issues (such as spot conditions) can be addressed by letter. ⟡Some products contain natural composite media, such as pearls, ores, or other semi-precious stones. Each color, size, and shape is unique, and they will be carefully selected and paired when paired. ⟡Commodity photos are taken from real products. The color difference may be caused by the light, the color of the device, or the perception of each person. The received products are the main products. ⟡Brass jewelry usually has a small silver welding point, which is an unavoidable normal phenomenon. 配 Jewelry wear and maintenance ⟡All items are carefully anti-oxidized (transparent anti-oxidation film). With time and personal wearing habits, the color will become more retro. When wearing, please keep away from water, swimming pool, seaside and hot spring as much as possible, and avoid touching any chemical related products, such as perfume, lotion or wearing while bathing. If you accidentally touch the water, please wipe it gently with a dry cloth as soon as possible to maintain the condition of the product as new. Wipe lightly with a dry cloth when not wearing, keep dry and place in a sealed bag. Only pure gold on the market can last forever. The works born from each designer are worthy of being treated carefully, and the beautiful stories and memories behind them are collected together. ⟡Brass series products will have a more retro taste as they are worn. Wiping with a little copper oil can help restore the bright brass color. 商品 Do not store products containing pearls and natural stone elements together with other accessories. Collisions may cause stings, scratches or cracks. Clean the surface with a flannel or dry cloth. ⟡K gold series products can be touched with water. It is recommended to remove them when taking a bath. If you accidentally encounter rain or sweat, please wash them with water as soon as possible and wipe them gently with a dry cloth. Do not use silver cloth. ⟡Silverware is recommended to be cleaned with water and a little baking soda powder (products containing pearls and natural stones are not applicable). The silver needle can be wiped with a silver cloth. Please keep it dry after wearing, it is better to put it in a zipper bag to isolate the air. ❀ There is a need for gifts in the packaging, and separate packaging can be made by remarks.


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