One Flower Milk Tea Sister Series Small Bouquet

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Remarks: Bouquet styles and rose colors can be changed according to personal preferences. You can choose your favorite color system or provide your favorite flower materials and colors you want to avoid. One Flower can help you with suggestions and tailor-made for you.


One Flower

One Flower Milk Tea Sister Series Small Bouquet


⧒ Use eternal rose as the main flower material With a variety of different textures such as immortal fern, fern, etc. 尺寸 Work size The width of the bouquet along the flower surface is about 17cm; the height is about 26cm Reminder: All works are measured by hand, and some errors are unavoidable, please forgive me. I also hope to meet everyone's needs. This is our wonderful original intention. I hope you can confirm the size of the bouquet again before ordering to ensure your rights. If you want to customize the size, please write to us and inform us :) 的 Application of dried flowers Dried flowers and immortal flowers are great home decorations, whether it is relying on the wall or small items on the wall or hanging upside down are beautiful scenery ⧒ Bouquet, flower gift packaging The wrapping paper is imported from South Korea. The color is gentle and has good quality. ⧒ Remarks 1. Everyone is welcome if there is anything unclear, don't be shy, click on the contact designer on the right ~ contact us and we will contact you quickly The unified reply time is 10 o'clock every night. Thank you for your patience. 2. The entire library works are hand-made and measured, and some errors are unavoidable. Please forgive me. I really hope to meet everyone's needs, this is our wonderful original intention I hope you can confirm the size of the work again before ordering to ensure your rights 3. As the dried flowers are mostly imported from abroad, there are also seasonal restrictions like flowers. If you encounter a market shortage (cannot buy) or the quality of the flowers is not good, please allow us to match you professionally Floral material. 方式 How to save dried flowers The flowers used in the works of this museum are all natural plants. Do not place them in the place exposed to sunlight. It will accelerate the discoloration of the flowers. Place them in a dry and ventilated place. ⧒ About One Flower Floral qualifications I. I started to create floral art in 2014. I initially liked Korean floral art works. I was deeply influenced by Korean floral styles. Since 2016, I have learned from Korean floral artists to go to the Korean flower market to purchase materials and further study. 2. One Flower Flower Studio was set up in Taichung in 2016, and currently has about 5 years of teaching experience. It has irregular cooperation with various units, schools, the Ministry of Education and other units. (Such as Wenhua University, Chung Hsing University, Chaoyang, Hongguang, etc.); currently appointed as an instructor of floral arts in the National Salvation Corps of Hsinchu, Taichung, Miaoli; also cooperates with various enterprises, construction companies and other units; specializes in Korean and French floral arts, which has a strong The loose, unrestrained style is characteristic of the work. 3. In July 2017, he accepted an interview with the joint newspaper Taozhu Miao / Sanjing Online about the history of floral entrepreneurship. 4. In March 2019, we accepted the invitation of Axis Interior Design Studio to share a lecture on "From Floral Art to Meaning of Life". V. Japanese AAFF NiveauI Junior, AAFF NiveauII Intermediate Parisian Florists; One Flower Floral Studio is now an AAFF-accredited overseas accredited school; Japan AAFF NiveauI Parisian Florists. Hope we can achieve it together. You are welcome to come and catch the gorgeous moments But can taste the flow of time Sincerely hope that receiving this gift will make you feel the beauty of life 方式 Packaging method Since the works are natural things, they will try their best to protect them. Every piece of work will be properly fixed during the delivery process and transported in corrugated cardboard boxes. In addition to avoiding the collision of fragile dry flowers, we sincerely hope that the works made with heart will be properly handled. Land in your hands ⧒ After sales service I cherish each and every person you know and contact on this platform and work hard to run the studio every day. I look forward to infecting you with beauty in this way. Thank you for your trust. In addition, I hope you will receive If you need assistance when you arrive at the work, please send a letter or call directly. There is a contact method in the package. We are very willing to provide you with proper after-sales service and any assistance. Thank you again !: D We will continue to work hard. ⧒ One Flower service project Floral Design / Custom Floral Gifts / Space Arrangement / Floral Course ⧒ Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan handmade


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