Pakistani eight chickens Limited Wallets <only>

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Pakistani eight chickens Limited Wallets &lt;only&gt;


Chirp microphone soul kiss little flowers chicken undergo revision and evolution again and again, Celebrating the third anniversary combined with precious Ajrak Pakistan woodcut vegetable dyes natural fabrics and beautiful Paiwan traditional handmade pottery beads, Produce with exotic and tribal culture commemorative kiss flowers chicken. Beautiful fabrics by special Mehek Kee Dukaan Midian Taiwan girl Miac Cooperation with Pakistan traditional printing and dyeing craftsmen family Soomro, Pakistan introduced Ajrak woodcut vegetable dyes natural fabrics. Manually rinsing the cloth in the river, family brothers in turn heavily stamped burning firewood to cook dyed cloth and then spread to dry in the sun, Via a long years of repeated practice both hands, bother, laborious, time-consuming production processes, Maintained and mutual trust between people, not just with temperature Ajrak precious ancient traditional crafts, Strive to maintain the environmentally friendly production methods for mass production in the pursuit of rapid consumption of the era all the more valuable. Ceramic beads flowers chicken key ring with tribal mothers from Taitung Bayi Workshop production Paiwan traditional hand-made ceramic beads. Taiwan is located in Dongshan District Granville tribal Bayi Workshop in April 2010 after 88 hurricane by a group composed of tribal mothers handmade ceramic beads Mania. Bayi is the Paiwan language of Mr. Mrs. mews sound "Dear" means, Garland flood receded on the land out of the stoic flowers, Bayi mothers optimistic attitude towards their homes after the hurricane, Together through thick and thin, with a hand-kneading a ceramic bead, gradually soothe the wounded soul, reforming their homes, In the spirit of working tirelessly for his tribe and his family escape tragic image, To share feelings of solidarity with the production of the love and blessings of handmade ceramic beads, The Paiwan tribe in spiritual and cultural significance of the heritage of traditional glass beads carry forward. Thanks for sharing and selfless brainchild predecessors, time after quenching chain inherited the best cultural skills, With different from the past three years chirp Mi limited commemorative edition of Pakistan eight chickens. Supplementary Info: Jialanbayi Workshop Mehek Kee Dukaan Midian "This key case with ceramic beads beads Mananigai warrior brave and unique; an extraordinary atmosphere." * Due to limited special material, before the next one, please inquiry to ask whether the spot Thank you :) Origin / manufacturing methods Fabric / Pakistan ceramic beads / Taitung, Taipei, Taiwan production


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