Nothing, No Gift Box, Pottery and Dry Flowers / Valentine's Day, Birthday Ceremony, Wedding

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Nothing, No Gift Box / Dry Flower + Pottery / Each flower is different from each other + each unique hand-made pottery



Nothing, No Gift Box, Pottery and Dry Flowers / Valentine's Day, Birthday Ceremony, Wedding


|Name | Nothing, Even Gift Box / Dry Flower + Pottery |Materials | Each flower is different (imported dry flowers and no flowers) + each unique hand-made pottery | Size | Gift Box Packaging: Height x Width x Height = Approx. 27.2 x 17.2 x 9.2cm ___________________________________ **Unique flower** Similar in the body Hiding a unique soul In a rounded contour Also faintly Firm edge of principle There are already too many in the world Noisy and superficial happiness Still willing to keep That honest and lonely Reluctant eyes **Flower description** Delivers a gentle, restrained, stress-free texture in lightness. The glaze color is also different from the pottery that gives people a heavy and low-key impression, full of bright and varied youthful vitality. The design is on the seemingly ordinary bottle and bottle mouth, jumping off the frame of the previous geometric shape, deliberately using irregular lines and curvature to present the innovation of the staff. Whether it is as a flower or a decoration, it can show a unique and sophisticated taste. ___________________________________ **Reminder** ❞ This small bouquet and flower is shipped randomly. You can write to the letter to ask for your favorite color and spot. ❞ Flowers have different pose sizes, so the work you receive will not be exactly the same as the photo. 干燥 Dry flowers, no flowers, please put them in a dry and ventilated environment, never water, avoid placing them in direct sunlight and damp and dark places. 时 When it is contaminated with dust, use a small brush to gently brush off the dust or a blower to cool the wind. 干燥 Dry flowers can be stored in good environment for six months to two years, and it is normal to fade naturally over time. 花 It is normal for the flowers to fall during the delivery process. It is unacceptable for friends not to order. ❞ If you order more than 2 items, please choose to send it by post. It is not applicable to the delivery method of the store. **About Jinghao** ❞ 100% hand-made bad production, non-mechanical production, hand-made non-finished traces, which make each item unique, which is fascinating. Everyone used to use colorful plastic acrylic, I used to use the disposable tableware, and I was used to eating and drinking tea with a mobile phone. I hope that by using Jing’s hand temperature, people can evoke those comfortable and dusty lives, return to the original heart, and quietly know each other. Smile, talk about the origin of the tea bowl, the sill bottle, and the taste of the rainy mud land. Inviting you to relive the texture of life! **Jinghao, it’s so good.** ❞ Small space can also create a big vision, give beauty to this thing, and naturally integrate into life. This is the original intention of Jinghao, and it is the goal of loyalty. ___________________________________ 创立 The establishment of Beijing Good Hand, the Chinese floral designer and the Taichung pottery artist work together. It is different from the past, the impression of the heavy tradition, and the confusing and complicated floral techniques, in order to subvert such thoughts. We use lightness, simple lines, and hand-made pottery to make art and everyday no longer cross the gap that is difficult to cross, so that the flowers will stay in the heart, create the earth, and achieve the most beautiful works of the earth. We want to create a unique style for you. The beauty of life. ▴▲▲▴▴ Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwanese hand made


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