Self-improvement - Natural Black Tourmaline + Sakura Shu 徕 sterling silver bracelet

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Sakura is a new price in recent years. Black 壐 壐 樱花 樱花 舒 舒 徕 徕 徕 徕 徕 徕 徕 徕 徕 徕 徕 徕 徕 徕 徕 徕 徕 徕 徕 徕


Self-improvement - Natural Black Tourmaline + Sakura Shu 徕 sterling silver bracelet

商品説明 **Our original design. Do not copy in the same industry** **Natural black tourmaline + cherry blossom 徕 sterling silver bracelet** **Black Tourmaline + Sugilite Silver Bracelet** Self-improvement Color: black, purple Origin: Brazil Hardness: 5-6 Material: natural black tourmaline, cherry blossom, sterling silver (International Standard Grade 925) Spar size: Black tourmaline - 8mm, 4mm Cherry Blossoms - 10mm (The spar is polished by hand, with a difference of +/- 0.2) ***All the products are made of natural spar and ore, which is guaranteed to be 100% natural goods; if there is a fake, it can be repaid at a price.** **Black tourmaline** **Black Tourmaline** Black tourmaline is a spar with electrical properties. It contains black because it contains a lot of iron. It is also called "black tourmaline." Because of its extremely high frequency fluctuations, powerful energy can defend against all evils and invasions, and its ability to protect itself is extremely high. Since ancient times, it has been used as an energy stone to eliminate disasters and drive away evil spirits, and to protect individuals. Free from the intrusion of negative energy. In addition, its energy can improve insomnia, stability, balance body function, enhance the ability of cell tissue regeneration, and eliminate negative energy and disease, and effectively improve health. This energy stone can improve the level of operation of all chakras, and it can bring a balance of body and mind, enhance independence, eliminate fear and anxiety, and stimulate determination and advancement. Black tourmaline energy has a very direct fluctuation frequency, which can realize energy practice and willingness, and it is a path of disease, which can get good health; black is the representative color of "evil" (strong), and evil is more evil. The stronger the strength, the stronger and the more powerful the protection. Premium natural cherry blossoms Sugilite The high-quality Shu 徕 徕 is produced in South Africa, while the cherry blossom purple scent is also rare; its color is as bright as cherry blossoms, the color is dreamy purple and beautiful, and the soft texture is bright and moist. In addition, the appearance of this gemstone is different in shades of purple and purple, sometimes deep, its color is easy to wear on the hand for a long time to deepen the brilliance, there are different levels of purple, plus different shades; There is a mysterious and cool color. Shuqi is the two energy centers corresponding to the top wheel and the eyebrow. It has strong conversion energy, can improve spirituality, develop wisdom, treat headache, and enhance the efficacy of immune system, various glands and lymphatic system. It has the efficacy of preventing cancer. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ **<Measurement method>** - Please use a soft ruler to wear a bracelet around your wrist. - No need to tighten or reserve space - Gently apply to your hand - Please use centimeters (cm) to measure accurately - Select the required length of the handcuffs when the amount is good - The length chosen is the length of the wrist The designer will reserve space for you. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ **<Bracelet needs to know>** - Most of the photo of the bracelet in the field is customized with 16cm handcuffs. - Hand modeled handcuffs are 14cm So there will be a sense of looseness, please forgive me. - Designers choose the length of the hand to modify the length **The crystal beads or silver ornaments picked up after the modification will not be sent back to you喔** If you want to keep the original design or want to modify it yourself Can order 16cm handcuff length Original design - There are silver bracelets that don’t look like how many beaded balls are picked up. **Modifying a bracelet designer with silver will take the silver jewelry first** Preserving the crystal beads as a premise So friends who are too small (13cm or less) or too big (18cm or more) The modified style may be different from the photo Please contact the designer if you have special requirements. **Otherwise, the designer will modify it without notice.** - Some styles are not suitable for too small (13cm or less) or too large (18cm or more) The handcuffs are too small or too big to design the original style So there is not too little or too much handcuffs on the selection of hand plaques. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ **<Product Maintenance>** - Pay silver cloth and moisture-proof bag - Brushed silver cloth can brighten sterling silver but silver cloth can't be washed with water - Pure silver can not be washed with silver wash water - Put it into a moisture-proof bag when it is not worn, it can be used for anti-oxidation - Take it when taking a bath and sleeping -**sterling silver can not be cleaned with water or salt water** - Please use a crystal cluster or amethyst hole to clean the spar without touching salt or water. - The spar must be purified to maintain the effect of spar energy - If the bracelet is damaged in the future, you can send it back for repair. ***paid return shipping** -**If sterling silver has been soaked in water or salt water** **Not refundable** <><><><><><><><><><><><><><> **<Send Notice>** **Sent to Hong Kong: -** ~ SF Express sent out ~ can be sent to the company, smart cabinet, SF station to pick up ~ Sending home will incur additional charges ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ **There are two ways to send to Taiwan:-** **1/ SF Express: -** ~ If there is no special requirement All are sent by SF Express ~ Can be received from Hong Kong for approximately 2-4 days **In case of holiday** **Will delay the date of receipt** **please wait with patience** ~ Can be sent to home, company, store to shop (7-11, family, Lylefu, OK convenience store) # Please check if the store has a pick-up service first. ~ Please leave the <store code> and <name> of the convenience store **2/ Mailing registration: -** ~ All over the area are selected by mailing registration ~ Can be received from Hong Kong for approximately 5 - 8 working days **In case of holiday** **Will delay the date of receipt** **please wait with patience** ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ **Shipping time to Malaysia:-** 1/ Posting registration: - ~ Can be received from Hong Kong for approximately 7-10 working days **In case of holiday** **Holidays will delay the date of receipt** **please wait with patience** ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ ^0^ **Other countries mailing time: -** - Please contact the designer to calculate the time OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Founded in 2002, crystalplus has always been based on nature, paying attention to natural materials, carefully studying the characteristics of spar, and designing different accessories through the attitude of “finding, discovering, balancing and coordinating”, breaking through the usual customary design forms and techniques. And with the original different styles, incorporating the changes in modern life, convey a deeper level of design concepts. Our gemstone designer aqua has been working with spar for a long time, often exploring different spar interaction characteristics, and using different colors, changes in spar properties, and then matching each other; Science, science and aesthetics combine to create a layered and richly designed design, and with the skill of craftsmanship, create a new design of jewelry.


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