Dance In The Forest Dance Forest Natural Essential Oil Ore Flask Bottle 50ml

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『 Visible fragrance. The energy you can smell 』 TFKandles combines the natural essential oil aromatherapy and ore energy concept to bring you the most natural and affordable home fragrance experience.



Dance In The Forest Dance Forest Natural Essential Oil Ore Flask Bottle 50ml

商品説明 TFKandles essential oil ore expansion bottle is listed! Inconvenient to point to the open flame still want to be full of aroma in the living room? Or is it hot weather that makes people unable to lift the candle? TFKandles natural essential oil ore diffuser bottle, using only pure natural plant essential oil (20% content), with high-grade base volatile liquid that is harmless to the human body, without adding artificial flavor and alcohol, let the natural essential oil fragrance spread gently in every corner. The TFkandles R&D team's uninterrupted test and formulation of fragrances is designed to produce a rich and unburdened scent with the most natural essential oils. We do not use the finished compound essential oil with unclear ingredients. We choose the single essential oil directly supplied from foreign countries, and complete the TFKandles exclusive essential oil formula after long-term research and development. Dance In The Forest - "I hope you have a good taste" Scent for Prosperity The citrine is a happy, rich and warm ore. We mix it with calm cedar, rosewood, golden dazzling orange and several other plant essential oils, blending sweet and mysterious woody notes. I hope you will be physically and mentally You can feel rich and warm, and maintain a calm and peaceful energy. Citrine: Inspire imagination, warmth, joy, richness Ingredients: Moroccan cedar | Brazilian rosewood | Brazilian sweet orange and other plant essential oils | essential oil solvent | volatile base solution Material: natural citrine | glass bottle | cotton fiber rod 8 Expanded liquid volume: 50ml without ore Timeliness of use: Continue to spread the fragrance for about 6-8 weeks (slightly different depending on the size of the stick) How to use: Remove the cap inside the cap. For the first time, please put 4-5 sticks in the bottle to increase or decrease the number of sticks according to the space range (4~5 small space, 7~10 large space) . It is recommended to flip the stick once every 2-3 days to allow the fragrance to spread more fully. This product uses natural ore. Possible inclusions such as crystals, lines and impurities are natural structures. Note: * Due to the high concentration of essential oils, this product is not recommended for pregnant women. Keep away from high temperature open flames and direct sunlight when using. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Wash your skin with soap and water after contact. If you accidentally drink it, you should seek medical attention immediately. The stocking period is 2-3 working days, counting from the date of confirmation of the order. Place of Origin: Taiwan / Handmade


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