Thermos bottle bag, water bottle bag, plastic-free life, environmental protection in summer

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Many office workers have one or two thermos cups. If they accidentally collide or fall, the outer bottle paint may fall off and be damaged. The thermos bottle bag is your favorite thermos cup. The brand has hundreds of prints, all of which are original Taiwanese print designs. Choose your favorite prints. In addition to protecting your cups, it is also an ae



Thermos bottle bag, water bottle bag, plastic-free life, environmental protection in summer


▶Deeply cultivate Taiwan's original printing brand◀ "Environmental protection" and "health" are now people's daily life issues. Whether you use a casual cup for drinking or just love to drink water and bring your own thermos,**many office workers will have one or two thermos**. Bring your favorite thermos cups and thermos bottles, the asking price may be thousands of dollars,__**accidentally bumped or dropped**__, it may cause the outer bottle paint to fall off and be damaged. The thermos bottle bag is hoped to be__**Completely protect your favorite thermos**__. There are hundreds of kinds of brand prints,**all are Taiwan original print designs**, choose your favorite prints, in addition to protecting your thermos, it is an aesthetic daily necessities that**embellish daily collocations**. ------- **▞ Commodity information ▚** ✔ Outer layer "water repellent" Taiwan original design printed cloth ✔ The fabric features abrasion resistance and good color fastness ✔ Place of Origin: Designed in Taiwan, Made in Taiwan ✔ Material: Polyester Fibre ✔ Note**inner lining of the product will be slightly different with each batch of production**. Of course, the designer will always choose the appropriate inner color.__**If you mind, please contact the designer for the current inner color matching**__ ✔ Size: can fit a water bottle with a diameter of 8 cm x a height of 27 cm or less ✔ Taiwan original printing design ✔ Print: Zhuolan Carambola print design ✔ Printing story: He hummed with little stars, twinkling and sparkling, and his mouth was full of little stars. When I was young, the most amazing fruit was the shiny little star on the table. ✔ Printing: work printing design ✔ Printing story: In fact, this job is easy and free, but tied hands and feet, the salary is high, but the room for improvement is limited. I think it is very free, but the scenery outside the window is wider. Fortunately, I get off work on time and can do what I like in the evening. , Although I am super good at detours, but I am quite contented. ✔ Printing: Moon Palace printing design ✔ Printing story: The legend of the saury mentioned: On the night of the full moon, lightly dance the dance of light, so that a little silver light shines on the sea level, and every silver blade can get infinite blessings. Ride on the ark and jump into the moon palace in the sky. . ✔ Life Yin Taiwan keeps warm and splendid moment-thermos bottle bag ------- **▞ Warm reminder▚** • When the photo is taken, the color and luster of the physical product have been as much as possible, but the color will be different due to the settings of each computer screen. • All products are based on physical entities. • Indene Yin Taiwan Taiwanese local cultural story flower cloth • Use and maintenance method: 30 degrees low temperature washing, machine washable • Due to the manufacturing process of the printed product, the printed pattern on the product will be somewhat different (The position of the pattern will not be the same as the picture of the product. If you have special needs, you can communicate with the message before placing the order).


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