[Jeantopia] Log Water-based Writing Pen East African Black Dalbergia X Venus Small Leaf Red Altar | 1160203

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Pen and ink gifts worthy of collection Rotating the core, choose the German Faber-Castell water-based pen core, the ink is smooth, and the writing is comfortable, which is very valuable as a gift.



[Jeantopia] Log Water-based Writing Pen East African Black Dalbergia X Venus Small Leaf Red Altar | 1160203


►Insist on no staining, no paint, and enjoy the natural beauty of logs The material is selected from high-quality wood with special wood grain and color. The color of the wood is produced by the species and the different minerals from the soil during the growth process. Wooden pens will undergo oxidation reactions due to factors such as air, humidity, and ultraviolet rays, and gradually change into different colors. Therefore, each pen has a different texture and color. ►The ergonomic penholder design improves grip comfort The arc-triangular section of the pen holder is used to make the fingers fit the pen shaft more closely, buffer the force required for pen movement, and reduce the fatigue caused by long-term writing. The shape of the pen barrel is round and soft, and you can feel the warm touch of the log when you hold the pen and write. ►Wood X wood, two-color splicing of logs, rich writing pleasure The design is based on the original color of the wood, and the clever use of two different wood splicing shows the personality soul of the wooden pen, allowing the wooden pen to embellish the daily writing moment with colorful colors and show the extraordinary taste charm. In addition to the carbon core of the three mechanical pencils, 7-12 color refills can be purchased to enhance the fun of writing and creation, and display unlimited creativity. ►Hand-made, environmentally friendly stationery Natural wood is used to retain the pure natural beauty. The wooden pen is often used to hold the pen to write, and the barrel of the pen is shiny and shiny due to the oil on the hand. After years and months, it exudes a unique brilliance. ►In the wood grain growth rings, savor the light of the years The gift of pen and ink represents deep expectations and affirmation. Each pen comes with an exclusive pen sleeve, which can be combined with the gift box packaging to create a moving atmosphere when receiving gifts. A good pen not only accompanies the other person's writing life, but also becomes a treasure passed down from generation to generation. Wooden pens will often hold the pen for writing, and the barrel will show a shiny and shiny feeling due to the oil on the hand. After years and months, each pen will carry the traces of the lives of different users and emit a unique brilliance. ►Multi-course, carefully hardened chain A hand-made wooden pen must go through multiple processes: material selection, reclaiming, drilling, calibration, plugging, turning, hand throwing, assembly, and testing. Each pen is glued and fixed for about 20 days to ensure that the glued place is stable and not easily deformed. Polishing is started. After completion, it is placed for 10 days. After finishing, the wooden pen perfectly presents the natural luster of wood. ‧Do not use for purposes other than writing ‧Detailed parts will get stuck in the throat, please do not put in the mouth ‧Please place it in a place that is difficult for children to reach ‧Do not drop to avoid malfunction ‧Do not place in direct sunlight and high temperature places ‧Please be careful with the sharp tip of the pen ‧Be sure to retract the pen tip after use ‧Vigorous shaking or impact may cause ink leakage ‧It is not easy to clean the clothes when ink is stained, please pay attention when using ‧Do not use for valuable documents or important documents that need to be named ‧The product is made of natural logs, and the color and texture will be slightly different, which is normal 【Product Specifications】 Material: wood, metal, plastic, water-based ink Dimensions: 137 x 15 x 15mm 【Precautions】 When purchasing Jeantopia products, a paper invoice will be issued and sent with the goods. If you need to give gifts, Please refer to the following URL for replenishment of freight, https://www.pinkoi.com/product/yE86t6Z3


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