Healing Soft Tao Gongzi Customized Lettering Penguin Rice Necklace on Ice Floe Lightweight Waterproof

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Unique pure hand made soft pottery penguin doll rice necklace! Lovely and exquisite texture, good choice for Valentine's Day, birthday gifts or exchange of gifts.


Healing Soft Tao Gongzi Customized Lettering Penguin Rice Necklace on Ice Floe Lightweight Waterproof


https://www.ricer.tw/images/_rice00_p.jpg 🔺**/ Customized ice floe penguin rice necklace (with silver fine) /** Germany imported non-toxic waterproof soft clay hand-made ice floe penguin + natural Turkish stone + silver clavicle thin chain. Silver necklace preset length 40cm + auxiliary chain 6cm. Length and thickness can be changed, please note! 🔺__This product can be changed to 925 sterling silver chain, the texture is better! And easy to clean and maintain by yourself, please ask inside the letter__^^ https://www.ricer.tw/images/necklace_i01_p.jpg Handmade soft pottery ice floe penguin, the overall height is less than five centimeters, the shape is cute and chic. Every little penguin is handmade, and the posture and look will be slightly different. Each one is unique! Handmade goods can't be as perfect as the machine does, but there is a natural warmth, please understand the characteristics of this product. https://www.ricer.tw/images/necklace_i02_p.jpg The rice-carved glass bottle contains a transparent preservation solution, and there is a small rice grain that will float in the inside. The front and back of the__meter can be written with__. Hanging on the necklace is a natural Turkish stone with a beautiful texture and a good texture. https://www.ricer.tw/images/necklace_i03_p.jpg 正 ↑**The front and back texts on the rice are custom-made and can be changed according to the gift or personal use requirements.** In addition to being used as a necklace, you can also change it into a mobile phone charm or key ring. Please communicate first! https://www.ricer.tw/images/necklace_i04_p.jpg https://www.ricer.tw/images/necklace_i05_p.jpg Once the soft ceramic material is fired, it has the characteristics of waterproof and lightweight. It has no burden when worn, and it will not cause allergies! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACTj7But7Ac https://www.ricer.tw/images/_rice02_p.jpg https://www.ricer.tw/images/_rice04_p.jpg https://www.ricer.tw/images/_rice05_p.jpg * The Miyadada artificial house has been established for more than 10 years, and has accumulated thousands of works, which has been well received by customers. * The most important thing about the rice carving is the writing of Kung Fu. The rice carving quality produced by the rice carving artificial house is the first in the market! * Hand-operated glass bottle with a length of 2.8cm and a diameter of 0.6cm. The bubble sphere has a diameter of about 1 cm. * Each rice carving is filled with clear baby oil and contains no chemical dye. * If there is no double-sided note at checkout, it will be made with one side of the text and one side of the blank. * The upper limit of each Chinese rice on each side of the rice (both sides can be engraved). * English fonts have a maximum of five characters per face (one rate is capitalized). * Positive Chinese (straight) and reverse English (horizontal) are also available. * Some customers ask if they can write more than five English letters, of course! However, the five characters are more beautiful and clear. * Rice carving jewelry can be stored forever and will not spoil. It is the best gift choice. * Avoid contact with high temperatures. Take off when taking a bath or hot springs. * Customized time is about 1-5 working days, working hours: Monday to Friday, weekend public holidays. * When the order amount is free of charge or the anniversary free shipping discount, it will be delivered by registered mail. * Please note: Customized products are ordered and ordered, except for those that are not accepted for return! Hi, trouble reading Chinese? Every piece shown in my store is personalized and custom made by hand. Drop me a message if you like to know more. https://www.ricer.tw/images/_rice06_p.jpg https://www.pinkoi.com/product/cfSlZSWT?category=8


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