Limited one-Bubble | Transparent + Light Dark Green Glass Ball US Gold Injected 14KGF Small Hoop Earrings

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The last one-Bubble | Transparent + Light Dark Green Glass Bubble Ball American Gold 14KGF Small Hoop Earrings-Taiwanese jewelry design brand Miss Maru


Limited one-Bubble | Transparent + Light Dark Green Glass Ball US Gold Injected 14KGF Small Hoop Earrings


:: Product desciption:: Let the afterglow of the setting sun string the last colorfulness for the summer that is about to be far away! :: Product specifications:: Product number: EJE0057 Product name: Bubble | Transparent + light dark green glass bubble ball US gold injection 14KGF small hoop earrings Material: American 14KGF ear acupuncture, glass Size: The diameter of the glass ball is about 0.6 & 0.8 cm, the diameter of the ear ring is about 2.5 cm Accessories specifications: none Other remarks: the quantity sold is one pair (2 pieces) Stocking status: 1 item in stock :: Product description and precautions:: *The earrings are US gold injected 14KGF *14K Gold Filled (14KGF for short) refers to the mechanical pressing of 14K gold on the surface of metal tires (such as brass), which has strong bonding force and high wear resistance, so it is not easy to fall off, and is more (gold plated) More durable. The US FTC stipulates that the amount of metal in gold filled products must be at least 1/20 (5%) of the total weight of the product. *The hollow glass ball is made by hand, and the front and rear openings are large and small, which is not a product defect. :: Series of goods〔Earrings〕:: :: All products must be made to order except spot goods. Ordered products can only be made after payment. The average waiting time is 15 production days (excluding holidays) :: :: Purchase notes:: *The products are all handmade, and the welds and vulcanization blackening degree of each piece will be different, and slightly different from the photos. *Special customized products (including customer products), please do not purchase directly, and read the "Commodity Delivery Policy" of the "Design Hall Transaction Policy" to facilitate the design and production. *Every purchase of goods will be accompanied by a product guarantee card, silver cloth, as well as brand-specific packaging boxes, flannel bags and preservation zipper bags for buyers to give gifts. *Miss Maru's non-plated pure silver products are not prone to skin allergies. Please purchase with peace of mind. *Electroless sterling silver products will vulcanize and turn black and yellow due to the sulfur in the natural air, so when not wearing them, put them in a storage zipper bag to avoid contact with hot spring sulfides or strong acid solutions. Slow down the vulcanization phenomenon. If vulcanization occurs, you can wipe the surface of the silver ornament with the included silver cloth to restore the original luster. *14KGF US gold injection products only provide cleaning service during the warranty period. Taiwanese handmade:: Handmade in Taiwan


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