Anti-mite waterproof and breathable cotton bedding bed bag pillowcase set <Dinosaur World> Single cleaning pad waterproof pad

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Waterproof and breathable cleaning bed bag, one piece to two pieces, no cleaning pad



Anti-mite waterproof and breathable cotton bedding bed bag pillowcase set &lt;Dinosaur World&gt; Single cleaning pad waterproof pad


<Product Content> Bed bag x1, pillowcase x1 <size> Bed bag: 107x190 cm, can cover 35 cm high mattress, complete wrap around the bottom elastic band Pillowcase: 75x50 cm, concealed, no-point zipper (If you have any questions about the suitability of the size, please write to us) <material> Front: 100% cotton twill, density 200 woven Back: high-tech breathable waterproof membrane As the child comes to 3-4 years old, the parents start to diaper for the baby, in addition to the necessary study pants, in addition, will also be prepared with a waterproof cleaning pad to ensure that the child will not soil the mattress when bedwetting ~ However, once the bed is to be replaced, it is necessary to change the two-bed bag, which not only disassembles the labor, but also takes up space for the clothes on the balcony. BOREII's father, based on his experience, designed this child-friendly bed bag that is sturdy, waterproof, breathable, and has a cleaning pad function and can sleep directly on it. The fabric of this bed bag is made of 100% cotton twill weave in density 200. It is the same size as the bedding of many department store counters. It is soft, comfortable and absorbs sweat. Because of the expertise of textile materials, the waterproof layer is specially selected for mountaineering jackets. High-tech waterproof and breathable film, not only urine, spit milk, juice and other liquids can not penetrate, but also effectively take away the sweat produced by the body, pure cotton cloth + breathable film double breathable design, so that adults and children can sleep comfortably a whole night. After the diaper period, the bed bag can continue to protect the baby from dust mites allergens, not only blocking the dust mites in the mattress, but also avoiding the dandruff generated by the body falling into the mattress to feed the dust mites, achieving the two-way protection effect. For Taiwan and other countries in the subtropical region (the most suitable growth temperature for dust mites is 22-26 degrees C and 70-80% humidity), it is definitely a must-have bedding for babies. Considering the hard work of a double-paying family, you only need one piece when changing clothes, put the printed face out into the washing machine, and wash it with neutral laundry detergent. If you want to kill the dust mites and water temperature by the way, it is recommended to set it at 60 degrees C. If the dehydration is not complete, the residual moisture can be poured off first, and then dehydrated once again. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan


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