Illustrator movie line postcard ep3-<天下无双>

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What you see is a movie. I draw life! Illustrator movie line postcard - "Unparalleled in the world"


Illustrator movie line postcard ep3-&lt;天下无双&gt;


What you see is a movie. I draw life! Illustration movie line postcard #伊森插画电影ep3 In fact, I should have you in me, I have you, who is male and female. What is the relationship? It is not enough to have two people together! "second to none" "The World Unparalleled" is adapted from Huangmei's tour of Dragon Play Phoenix, the story of Zhengde Emperor's Jiangnan Take Fengjie, the main story of the movie is placed on the love story of Emperor Sister Princess (Wang Feishi) and Fengjie Brother Xiaobawang (Liang Chaowei), the little bully because of identity It was really a great disparity, and the Queen Mother resolutely opposed the marriage with the Princess. The little bully realized at the last moment that in a relationship, who played the role did not matter, who said that it must be like a traditional relationship, a strong woman, or a role interchange Ah! As long as the two can walk happily, it will be fine! In fact, the two lines from "King of Comedy" to "Unparalleled in the World" can best correspond to my own experience. I used to be a designer, I was always busy with work, and let me decide to devote myself to the origin of my illustration work. I talked to my wife about the future one night. I said that I want to take my favorite path. But I am also very afraid that income will be unstable at first and there is no way to live. "I raise you!" my wife answered this immediately. It feels very touching at the moment and has become an opportunity for illustration work. In the future, I hope that I can be a dad, and I will accompany my child while growing up at home. In this choice, let me and I can achieve both the ideal and the family, which is the best solution I think. Therefore, in a relationship, who is the main person, who is in the main role, who has what role? It’s not enough to have two people together! --------------------------- Description of content: Size: 14.8*15cmm Material: 300P high pounds of kapok paper, fine art paper texture (product color and photos will have a little color difference) This movie illustration love series, I have selected a total of 7 classic movie lines To depict a love concept in my heart, 7 collections together, more commemorative value! Leaflet / $40, 7 sets of offers / $250 **Other styles please go to the store to buy** --------------------------- Ethan movie illustration love series: Ep1 Yin Tianqiu: I will raise you! - "The King of Comedy" Ep2 Liu fluttering: You should raise yourself first, fool! - "The King of Comedy" Ep3 In fact, I should have you in me, I have you, who is male and female. What is the relationship? It is not enough to have two people together! -"second to none" Ep4 Some things don't have to be done in one night, and we don't hurry. - "Zhi Ming and Chun Jiao" Ep5 If the memory is also a can, I hope that this can is not expired; If you must add a day, I hope it is "10,000 years." - "Chongqing Forest" Ep6 No! Said for a lifetime! One year, one month, one day, one hour, it is not a lifetime! - "Farewell My Concubine" Ep7 When you can't have it, the only thing you can do is not to forget. - "Evil Toxic"


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