Original illustration design rose embroidery earrings in the little prince bottle

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"Maybe there are 5,000 flowers in the world just like you, but only you are my unique rose." The fairy tale series Little Prince Control must-have item! ★ Christmas exchange gift recommendation


Original illustration design rose embroidery earrings in the little prince bottle


★ Special plan for Christmas gifts, order before 12/24 and ship next day ★ Deeeeetale, a new brand of embroidery, brings you a temperature and unique material experience. https://images.plurk.com/5DsRxJUUA4xBkViOfoWUWl.jpg ▲ Fairy tale series: Little prince, accompany you as if you read this fairy tale https://images.plurk.com/5XcDjnUHHiHzVdZ0e6rspB.jpg ▲ Le Petit Prince / The Little Prince Illustrated by Zoel, designed to be the cutest item on the ear, and will never hit the market! https://images.plurk.com/1yidVx7EHyX9S7gMebkCb3.jpg ▲ The rose in the embroidery bottle is matched with milk tea-colored fluff ball earrings. https://images.plurk.com/5v2vTE2qxG1d2Yy2GATAjk.jpg ▲ Clip earrings or ear hooks are available. The former uses Korean-made copper-plated silver screw ear clips and the latter uses Taiwan-made fish ear hooks. https://images.plurk.com/36peQuc9fVMThRQJ0IPxJT.jpg ▲ The rose earrings in the bottle are about 5 cm long and the fluff ball earrings are about 4 cm. / ● Product details Material: embroidery thread, copper metal Size: Rose earrings in the bottle are about 5 cm long, fluff ball earrings are about 4 cm, (± 1cm) Maintenance method: 1. Do not put all kinds of jewelry in the same place, as they will rub against each other and cause wear. 2. Try not to contact the jewelry with water, and avoid lotions, perfumes and cosmetics as much as possible. 3. After wearing, please wipe off the jewelry with a soft cloth, and then put it away with a chain bag to avoid contact with the air. 4. It is normal for metal products to be oxidized. If there is slight discoloration, you can use silver wash water and silver cloth to wipe gently. 5. Handmade products, please be careful! / ● Customer instructions The earrings are all handmade, and the order is completed. The production and delivery time is 5-7 working days (excluding 6 days), and the delivery period is about 2-7 working days. Handicrafts and earrings are hygienic goods and cannot be returned or exchanged. Made in taiwan / ● About the designer Zoel Ruo I have loved listening to fairy tales since I was young, and started to paint various fairy tale illustrations with brushes. My favorite is Alice in Wonderland. I hope that I can combine all the supplies in my life with fairy tales. So I went all the way to the illustration groceries designer tilt. Illustration, image authorization, and grocery design requirements are welcome. https://images.plurk.com/4cMsSYNRYiSR21Qr6I5du1.png Work experience: 2018 → Co-designed a board game with Wanju to draw "Dream: Chapter 13". 2018 → Cooperation authorization, Taoyuan Airport MRT corridor, the longest underground street animation cultural and creative wall. 2016 → Art Exhibition @ 台中, the girl's fantasy world Lolita Wonderland‧ "Alice in Wonderland Original Character Illustration Exhibition". 2016 → Art Exhibition @ Hsinchu, the collection of "Alice in Wonderland Original Character Illustration Exhibition". 2016 → Art Exhibition @ Taipei City Government, “Caricature Carnival“ Original Animation Image Art Exhibition ”. 2016 → Complete all 12 chapters of "Fairytale Paper Tape‧Alice in Wonderland". 2015 → Cooperative illustration "Alice in Wonderland" was launched and published by Sancai. / ★ Related Links ★ Alice embroidered earrings https://www.pinkoi.com/product/wJp2JwzB Little Prince embroidered earrings https://www.pinkoi.com/product/bx6RR5Sf Alice White Rabbit Embroidered Earrings https://www.pinkoi.com/product/B8U9k8qd


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