Jade You Custom Bracelet Cat's Eye Jade Jade Follows Ore Popularity Good Luck Special Crystal

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It is a natural gemstone made with good luck cat's eye and jade with Bao'an to improve the magnetic field. Every mine has been selected, I want you to taste carefully, make the ore elegant and beautiful, and the mysterious and attractive power.


Jade You Custom Bracelet Cat's Eye Jade Jade Follows Ore Popularity Good Luck Special Crystal


【Ore advantage】 Opal; considered a symbol of good luck, protects the owner from poverty and prosperity, health and longevity, can increase the opposite sex and invite good love, and can also attract good popularity and popularity Jade Sui; wearing chalcedony can ward off evil spirits, protect peace and avoid some negative energy attacks. It is also a very good amulet for foreigners who often travel abroad. [Color meaning] Blue energy: truth. hope. health White energy: Evil town house. Disaster relief. Bodyguard. perfect. health. pure. Pink energy: attract people, attract peach blossom, happiness, attract the opposite sex 【Suitable for ethnic groups】 If you work in a business, you will increase your popularity and popularity Good friends and sisters are brought together, symbolizing each other ’s good luck, and also symbolizing the preciousness of friendship Ore Commodity Tinker ▶ The ore will have some natural ice cracks and other lines are within the normal range. ▶ Most of the beaded accessories in the store are alloys. If you need all-silver accessories, the price is extra. ▶ The bracelet is made of "elastic thread imported from Japan". Although the elasticity is good and it is not easy to break, it will still lose its elasticity with time and usage conditions. ▶ If the product is broken or the parts are missing or the parts need to be replaced due to oxidation, please provide photos to estimate the maintenance cost Waterproof Silk Wax Product Tinker Bell ▶ Waterproof, you can take a bath, get rid of the trouble of constant wear, long-term wearing is not allergic and does not smell ▶. To prevent sun exposure, the silk wax rope will be worn brighter and brighter than when it was just bought. Unlike the ordinary cotton rope, the color will stick or break easily after wearing for a long time ▶ Silk commodities ▶ Silk wax thread is made by kneading dozens of fine soft silks. To fix the silk thread, it is easy to weave. So the surface layer is coated with a layer of transparent "wax". So it is called silk wax thread. ▶ Because of the "wax", the new wire is darker and slightly harder. After treatment with water, the wax will naturally peel off and the wire will be softer, showing the natural luster of the silk thread. After-sales service and maintenance ▶ Customized products are reviewed before being shipped ▶ If you have any problems, please respond within three days of receiving the goods ▶ After the sale, you need to replace the buckle or rope to send it back, or go to the Fengjia physical store in Taichung for replacement (all service fees are required) **Customized part** Private message tells us what suits you S & A teaches you to measure your hand https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4875/45147317205_fb9a1ac73f.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4859/45334851394_8b727585dc.jpg


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