Time treasure box pet bones altar _ love bow series / gentle powder

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Time treasure box pet bones altar _ love bow series / gentle powder


**ViViGreen time treasure box pet bones altar _ love bow series** Meet the day, we will and dear little family promised never betray the agreement. Intimate and lovely hair children, with us through a lot of unforgettable time, but life is length, they bring everything, naturally worth a beautiful way to collect. Is different from the traditional cold and heavy style, brought home will be the family that is not auspicious; we warm and sweet design, the exquisite white porcelain craft, and intimate custom engraving services for the hair children to create a unique white porcelain Ashes cans. The cans are white and elegant, decorated with all kinds of beautiful alleles, and then with the exclusive name tag, but also suitable for furnishings in the soft light, the hair children at home, in our hearts forever occupy a place. ViViGreen time treasure box pet bones altar _ love bow to bow style, "butter" and "blessing" homophonic, meaning blessing in front. One for Acacia, one for the situation, are by "knot" to express affection, a symbol of our love of the sincere heart of the heart, but also firm. Gentle powder represents gentle, romantic and loving. A total of guardian blue, gentle powder two colors, can be combined with the pet's character performance matching. With exclusive custom tag. **Bones of the altar** Bone gray altar strict election Run Run such as fat white porcelain material to fine grade process refined: 1. Each bones are all three high-temperature firing process, the texture of thick hard. 2. Bottle ring decorated with jewelry-class cold enamel color, combined with K gold plating technology, color Yongbao full of glory. 3. Double-layer protection multi-functional design, the first layer of the bottle for the moisture-proof stickers, the second layer for the permanent closure, giving hair children the most comfortable care. **Exchange service** Vivigreen to provide the owner intimate for the tank service, if your baby left and has cremated to complete the can, you want to replace ViViGreen white porcelain ashes, can visit the Taipei Exhibition Center, our service staff has a professional pet etiquette certificate, Site to provide rigorous and meticulous service, if the needs of the owners welcome calls or private discussion. **Remarks** ※ Applicable weight of 18 kg or less of the pet, cremation after grinding powder to achieve the best storage effect. ※ free customized custom tag (production time to be 2-4 weeks, after the completion of the black cat house sent with anxious). ※ Complimentary souvenir frame. https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5991cf5ed4e3955484001aee/source.jpg https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/59d51882552115d3460027e4/source.png https://img.shoplineapp.com/media/image_clips/5991cf5f72fdc08c350023af/source.png Origin / manufacturing method Origin of Taiwan handmade


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