Hiding Drink Cup + Cloth Brown Bag (single entry combination)

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The vacuum double-layer 304 stainless steel ice-preserving/insulation beverage cup can be hidden into the patented structural design of the straw, regardless of the thickness or material. Open the lid and immediately extend the straw, close it and put it a



Hiding Drink Cup + Cloth Brown Bag (single entry combination)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgsCF1PirKA **※ The film is a fundraising product for reference only, which is subject to the actual shipment.** **※ Please check the product for defects within 7 days after receipt of the product, and test the vacuum effect with hot and cold water. If there is any problem, be sure to keep the package intact, and if it is not used, it will meet the return condition, because the food container There are personal hygiene concerns, as long as you have a drink, you cannot return it.** • Straw storage, drink as soon as you open • Vacuum to keep ice and drink longer • The surface is concentrated, one drop is left • Sealed against leaks, sanitary and dustproof • Large caliber, easy to clean • Silicone mat, sound-absorbing non-slip • Solderless liner, one piece • Transparent straw, innovative material Growing up in this hot environment, the drink has long been inseparable from your life, and I always want to have a drink cup with both function and appearance, and "it" is definitely not a thermos bottle. We have to design a good product that meets the needs of Taiwan's local needs. The beverage drink has become very personal and very environmentally friendly. It has also enabled more people in the world to understand the culture of drinking in Taiwan. Hey, open the switch and take it with you, drink a handsome drink together! https://www.uanuan.cc/upload/image/tritan-open.gif **Hide the straw into your drink cup — Hiding** The vacuum double-layer 304 stainless steel ice-preserving/insulation beverage cup can be hidden into the patented structural design of the straw, regardless of the thickness or material. Open the lid and immediately extend the straw, close it and put it away, and prevent leakage. Shopping is not afraid of spilling. . The special curved surface design allows you to easily absorb the light from the beverage. It has a large capacity of 750ml, and the large diameter is good for cleaning. https://www.uanuan.cc/upload/image/Hiding-brown6.jpg [Sucker storage, drink immediately] Drinking drinks with Hiding no longer has to worry about the problem of the straw being exposed. Using the elasticity of the silicone rubber, the mechanism for designing the thick and thin straws can be enjoyed without any materials. The patented structure allows the straw of the exclusive length design to have a hiding place, and it can be safely taken out at every door. https://www.uanuan.cc/upload/image/Hiding-1.jpg [vacuum to keep ice, drink longer] In the hot summer, I always worry that the drink will not ice at once, but I don't want to add too much ice to dilute the original taste; Hiding drink cup body vacuum double-layer 304 stainless steel, can keep ice for 12 hours / keep warm for more than 8 hours, Even if you go to ice, you can still be very ice. And the cup body will not condense the water beads to get a wet answer, the hands are refreshing, the mouth is also bleak, really enjoy the drink! https://www.uanuan.cc/upload/image/Hiding-brown7.jpg [The surface is concentrated, there is no drop left] The bottom of the cup of the ordinary beverage cup is flat. When the beverage is finished, the bottom pearl should be aligned with the straw. The patented slope surface of the Hiding beverage cup not only allows the straw to have a hiding place when the lid is placed, but also concentrates the material at the bottom of the cup, and the cup can be easily slanted to absorb the light! https://www.uanuan.cc/upload/image/Hiding%20drink1.jpg [sealing leakproof, sanitary dustproof] Cover the switch and don't be afraid of air pollution, protect the straw and drink! Hiding has basic leak-proof function, the test shakes upside down and does not leak water, and the lid is a plug-in seal design, reminding you to open the black switch if you want to install warm water to avoid the gas pressure pushing the lid up. https://www.uanuan.cc/upload/image/Hiding-5.jpg [Super large diameter, easy to clean] With a large capacity of 750ml, you can put it all in with your drink or your hand. Wash with a soft sponge, dry it after washing, or put it in the dishwasher. After using for a period of time, you can soak it in sodium carbonate or baking soda and rinse it thoroughly. This will achieve a thorough cleaning effect! https://www.uanuan.cc/upload/image/Hiding-6.jpg [矽 rubber mat, sound-absorbing anti-slip] The bottom stop pad allows you to place the table quietly and quietly, and design a small gap in the outer ring to allow air to circulate, avoiding the rubber pad to suck the wet table and not pull it up. https://www.uanuan.cc/upload/image/silicone-bottom2.gif [Transparent straw, innovative material] We take care of you and the Hiding Beverage Cup at the highest level - the first TritanTM Copolyester material straw in Asia, which is resistant to falling, non-toxic and transparent. https://www.uanuan.cc/upload/image/tritan.jpg [Hiding relaxed bag away] We design a unique bag for the Hiding beverage cup, a carrying bag, two kinds of methods; the movable design of the rope, whether you want to carry it elegantly, or take a handsome side, Hiding can With your peace of mind to play around is not afraid of leaks. https://img.udnfunlife.com/image/product/DS004653/20190719110124987.gif Convenience, take away - Continuous use is "real environmental protection", a product that is easy to use and will be used continuously, so that anyone can easily practice environmental protection and take it for granted, and it is no longer just an empty talk. Continue to do meaningful things together! https://www.uanuan.cc/upload/image/Hiding-brown2.jpg https://www.uanuan.cc/upload/image/Hiding-brown1.jpg **Instructions for use** Do not use a melon cloth or a steel brush to wash the surface, which may cause scratches and bacteria. It is recommended to use a soft sponge to clean and dry it after washing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3I8NemlRVc The straw group is in the corner! https://www.uanuan.cc/upload/image/hiding%20packing.jpg **Precautions** 1. Please open the black switch cover due to gas pressure, and then cover the cover so that it is leak-proof. Do not invert it for a long time to prevent the contents from seeping out. 2. Do not install hot water to avoid burns. Gas expansion may cause the lid to not fit properly. 3. Do not hold carbonated beverages, it is easy to release carbon dioxide from the pressure due to excessive pressure. 4. The two ends of the lid are provided with a convex surface for easy opening and opening. The flapping inside the bag may be tilted by other contents to remind you that you need to pay attention. 5. Except for the stainless steel cup body, the other parts should not be placed in the UV disinfection machine, which will accelerate the aging of all parts. **Product specifications** Place of Origin: Taiwan Material: [Cup cover] Tritan, PP plastic [Leakproof ring] food grade silicone [Linked belt] food grade silicone [sipper] Tritan [Cup body] 304 stainless steel double vacuum [Anti-slip mat] food grade silicone Dimensions: Top diameter 97 x Bottom diameter 72 x Height 190 mm Weight: 420 grams Capacity: 750 ml ± 5% Contents: cup lid, leak-proof ring, interlocking belt, cup body, special thick straw / fine straw, brush, cloth brown bag Warranty: The product is guaranteed for 2 years. Under normal conditions of use, if the cup is non-human factor and the vacuum is invalid, the person will be sent back for inspection and replacement. The warranty does not cover the natural wear and damage of the parts or any accidents; if you have any questions, please contact us and someone will be at your service.


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