Grapefruit Forest Handmade Glass - Meteor [+ Tassels] - Hairpin

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Grapefruit Forest Handmade Glass - Meteor [+ Tassels] - Hairpin - Forest Green. Rose Red. Classical Black Subscript Area (Single Side)



Grapefruit Forest Handmade Glass - Meteor [+ Tassels] - Hairpin


Forest Green. Rose Red. Classical Black Subscript Area [A total of 7 colors can be selected, please note the desired color when subscripting] The other four colors are in another store: Figure 1 Forest Green Figure 2 Rose Red Figure 3 Classical black Figure 4 is another side view Figure 5 size ratio map ★If no specific color will be sent out in Figure 1 forest green Summer long hair girls are super easy to use skills - hairpin ★ Allow air to circulate in the hair, making the scalp less prone to inflammation (important) ★ can be placed in a pencil case or a bag pen pocket for easy carrying ★ Other style hairpins can refer to: (computer version link) ★The center of the flower glass beads is not necessarily tied in the direction of the glass beads. The direction may not be very positive. It may also be on the side + this one is a single-sided enamel, and the other side will obviously see the fixed copper wire (refer to Figure 4) + copper plating The color enamel is naturally oxidized after a period of time or friction, and may cause discoloration. Do not mind the submerged water. ★ grapefruit forest handmade glass is promoting the earth's environmental protection + hermit crab replacement activities, in order to protect our mother of the earth, do not take the initiative to provide gorgeous packaging, all use simple packaging and paper bags, if you want to give away, please inform the need to package ★Each hand-made glass beads look a little different, the ring fat is thin and thin, please accept the subscripts again~ ★ For the rest of the notes, please read the "Design Museum Story" on the right. ★ 14 days for the production period of the work, international letters may exceed the 14-day working period, friends in a hurry should not subscript /size/ ★ There are two lengths of tweezers to choose from 2 shorts: 12.5cm long 簪: 15cm (refer to Figure 5) The size ratio can refer to Figure 4 (error +-2mm) The total length is about 14cm (visual error value +-2mm) The bottom of the bronze flower is about 3cm x 3cm (visual error value +-1mm) The length of the tassel (from the bottom of the flower tip ~ the bottom of the glass beads, the longest amount): about 4.3 error +-4mm (each length is different) /Material / Hand-fired glass + alloy copper-plated tweezers + Japanese glass beads (pee beads) + Czech crystal /maintenance/ Do not hit the glass part very hard. Generally, the impact is not harmful but it is not recommended (for example, accidentally falling to the ground) After wiping with a dry cloth, put it in a zipper bag or box collection. Do not leave it in a damp, greasy place for a long time, such as: bathroom, kitchen, etc. brand introduction: Every glass bead lives with an elf. If she likes it, she will smile. Let Yan also like her to be happy every day when she looks at her mood. The "glazed" that needs 1300 degrees of fire to quench the chain is the treasure that God gave to the fire. The glaze of the grapefruit forest hand-painted glass is not only a decoration, but also a small art work dissolved into life. , hiding the unique tough enthusiasm Origin / manufacturing methods Grapefruit forest handmade glass designer exclusive design


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