Pre-Order-Walnut Collection Light Cabinet / Dim Sum Light Cabinet

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Overall specifications: total width 60 x total height 40 x total depth 40cm. Material: walnut, clear glass. Pre-purchased goods: orders placed for payment before January 23, 2020, will be completed on September 30, 2020 (excluding shipping time, delivery t


Pre-Order-Walnut Collection Light Cabinet / Dim Sum Light Cabinet


......... Yomu Design ......... Overall specifications: total width 60 x total height 40 x total depth 40cm Material: walnut, clear glass, metal fittings, LED, light switch Coating: OSMO German environmentally friendly wood wax oil-transparent Production days: This is a "pre-order product", This is a "pre-order product". Orders placed for payment before January 23, 2020 will be completed on September 30, 2020 (excluding delivery time). (The above date is the date of completion of the work, not the date of shipment. Because the work will be delivered by car in return, we need to cooperate with the customer and the car to receive the time to determine when it will be delivered. We will confirm with the customer when the work is complete. And quotation shipping costs, after you confirm the above, we will arrange delivery for you. Because this piece of glass contains glass, in order to ensure the safe delivery of the work, only Taiwan Island shipping is currently provided, and the shipping cost will vary depending on factors such as regional distance, receiving floor The shipping range is about NT $ 800 ~ NT $ 3000. Acceptable buyers are welcome to place orders. Handmade: Happiness Yumu-Wood Design Museum Huang Renxu Use and maintenance method: wipe with a dry cloth. If it is dirty, you can wipe it with a little water and gently wipe it away. Do not place in direct sunlight or humid environment. Natural ventilation is recommended. ......... Yomu Design ......... [Pre-purchase reminder] 1. [The current selling price does not include shipping costs. Freight on delivery, we will quote the shipping amount in advance according to the customer's delivery area. 〖 2. [Wood products are all made of raw wood, so each piece of wood is unique, with deep, shallow and ever-changing textures. We hope to present the most natural side of the wood to users, so that life is more natural and relaxing the taste of. 〖 3. [Different computer or mobile phone screen settings may cause differences in color difference. The actual color of the product is based on the actual product. 〖 4. 〖Every item will be packed properly when it is shipped to achieve the most complete protection and pass the good work into your hands. 〖 5. 〖We will issue an invoice for each order. If you are a buyer of gifts, please write to us and let us know! 〖 6. [The product does not include shooting props, the price is a single sale, please pay attention to the buyer! 〖 7. [This section is the "public version". No size change service is provided. 〖 8. 〖In order to send each work to the buyer in a safe state, we will individually and carefully package each work separately. Here we remind buyers who buy furniture products. If you need to buy two pieces for a single transaction For the quantity of two or more pieces, the shipping cost shall be calculated based on the number of purchased pieces. Please also leave a message with the seller. We will set up an exclusive order page for you to place an order. If the buyer has not been notified and has completed the order payment, based on the quality and safety principles of the work, we need to wait for the buyer to complete the freight replenishment process and ship the product. Thank you. 〖 ......... Yomu Design ......... [Designer and Brand Profile] Brand: Happy Youmu-Yomu Design Handmade by: Ricky Believe in high-quality handmade wood Inject happiness into every work Seeing a contented smile We ask for meticulous and simple works, from simple lines of wood products to wild images Every piece is like a journey in life Pass the good things of the warmth and the heart story to you and me ......... Yomu Design ......... Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan Yomu Design by Yomu Design