Cypress King Magnetic Ball Pen│ Customized│ Lettering│ Gifts│ Valentine's Day Gifts

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Cypress King Magnetic Ball Pen | Customized | Lettering | Gift | Personal Use | Valentine's Day Gift


Cypress King Magnetic Ball Pen│ Customized│ Lettering│ Gifts│ Valentine's Day Gifts


King Magnetic Ballpoint Pen The pen cap has a special totem, strong magnetic attraction for closing the cap, and it is not easy to drop the cap. The front grip design is simple and streamlined. The refill uses German SCHMIDT, which is an international standard general specification. The German SCHMIDT refill, the professional level of writing instruments ranks first in the world, and the writing quality is stable. It is the authority of the international standard water-based ball pen refill and is easy to write. Due to the growth of natural logs, there are individual differences in their wood grain, color, etc., subject to the actual arrival of the goods ▮Product specifications▮ Product Name: Cypress King Magnetic Ball Pen Place of Origin: Taiwan Size: Length 13.7cm Pen body ø 1.5cm (hand-made measurement, size may vary slightly) ▮Introduction▮ "Taiwan cypress" has been banned from logging, so the number is small. It is made of old wood and implements the spirit of environmental protection. It has a unique fragrance and clear and beautiful texture! 100% Qinmu handmade "wooden magnetic ball pen", It can be made according to the needs of customers and accord with ergonomics. Purely hand-made, the wood grain of each pen is unique, bringing you a different temperature. If you want to bring your own wood, please contact Qinmu Handmade ※Customized lettering can be added at a price. ▮Laser carving real shot▮ Different woods have different carving effects. This picture shows the dragon cypress. ▮Maintenance method▮ . Do not use chemical detergent to clean . Avoid soaking in water . Avoid sun exposure or high temperature baking ▮Handmade pen packaging▮ The hand-made pen packaging is made of leather case made of "Benzene dyed wax feel cowhide" Benzene dyed wax-feel cowhide is the best material of all cowhide types. Vegetable dyes are directly dyed into the interior of the leather. The surface is not covered with any paint. It retains pores and has excellent permeability. In order to bring out the quality of Qinmu hand-made pens, Qinmu Handmade chooses to use more expensive benzene dyed waxed leather to make leather cases. Remind you, because each batch of natural cowhide will have color difference, production will be discontinued upon delivery. Therefore, when you receive the product, the color of the leather case may be different from the photo above! The current cowhide color is as follows ▮Designer and brand profile▮ Qinmu hand-made is just to realize a dream [Unable to change, dreams are always just fantasy. 】 Sweating sweat "water" and a simple "heart" made wooden work called "Qinmu Handmade". Founder of Qinmu, Woodwork "Dreamer"─Xie Jinqing Five years ago, during a karmic meeting, I came into contact with the field of woodworking, and later found that my love for woodworking far exceeded my imagination. In the past five years, I have been studying and creating. After thinking about it, in order to build my own brand, I decided to take a step in February 2014 and set up the "Qinmu Handmade" studio. In terms of management, we focus on accepting orders, pursuing customization and refinement-unique woodwork creations, ranging from small accessories, pots and pans, to furniture products such as tables and chairs. Qinmu's hand-made products advocate the concept of "environmental protection, recycling, and reuse" Make good use of recycled old wood materials to create new life with your hands. The types of creation are mostly daily necessities and tableware. In addition, they also create larger country-style furniture, which is suitable for giving gifts and self-use "exquisite gifts" handmade pens, Notebook etc. 2014 "Creative Cypress Tableware Set" won the top ten souvenirs in Hsinchu City 2015 "Hinoki Handmade Pen" won the top ten souvenirs in Taichung 2016 "Handmade Cypress Ball Pen" won the Top Ten Taichung Souvenir "Golden Word of Mouth" 2019 Won the ``First Prize'' of the Top Ten Souvenirs in Taichung ▮Place of Origin▮Taiwan ▮Refill origin▮Germany ▮Manufacturing method▮Handmade ▮King Magnetic Ballpoint Pen Series▮ Cypress King Magnetic Ball Pen Walnut King Magnetic Ball Pen Cherry Wood King Magnetic Ball Pen Chicken Wing Wooden King Magnetic Ball Pen Xiao Nan King Magnetic Ball Pen Red Rosewood King Magnetic Ball Pen Purple Heart Wood King Magnetic Ball Pen Green Sandalwood King Magnetic Ball Pen


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