Natural cow leather horizontal straight dual-use identification card set (including neck rope + steel wire retractable pull ring) _Black Series

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Can be worn vertically or horizontally. Specially designed right-angle openings for placing cards on the back, so you do n’t have to worry about the cards falling out when placed horizontally or upside down. There is an extra pocket on the back for storing business cards and cards. It can be hooked on the backpack alone or used with a neck rope to help exten



Natural cow leather horizontal straight dual-use identification card set (including neck rope + steel wire retractable pull ring) _Black Series


<**Horizontal and dual-use identification card set**> **Material:**Italian vegetable tanned cow leather, pig leather (back pocket) **Size:**11.5cmX8cm **product manual:** 1. The transparent film is made of rigid PVC film, which will not stick to the ink or film on the ID card for a long time. It will not be softened by the sun and become uneven. 2. The back pocket is made of pig leather that is light, thin, and has excellent elasticity and toughness. 3. When placing the card, please turn the back side up, the card from the oblique angle, and then push it in. 4. Exclusive design of L-shaped opening can prevent the card from sliding out when placed upside down. 5. When changing the direction, the opened leather buckle will be stuck first to avoid falling directly. 6. Demonstration of changing the wearing direction film: **Identification card color selection:** **Black stitching + black pocket** **Black stitching + blue pocket** **Brown stitching + black pocket** **Blue stitching + black pocket** **Red stitching + black pocket** **Red stitching + red pocket** <**Neck Rope**> **Material:**Italian chrome-tanned cow leather **Size:**total length is about 110cm (after expansion) and the width is about 0.8cm **product manual:** 1. It can be regarded as a mini belt, which is used as a belt. 2. Both the front and back sides are soft leather surface, which is comfortable to wear and does not pierce the skin. 3. The length can be adjusted according to the needs of wearing, with a fixed ring to stabilize the end of the belt. 4. It can be turned freely after being matched with the identification card sleeve, to avoid the same leather surface from being blackened and deteriorated due to long-term contact with skin sweat. Especially when there is a lot of sweat in summer, the rope can be turned away from the neck to keep the leather that has just absorbed the sweat. Breathable. **Maintenance method:** 1. It is recommended to wipe and maintain the leather neck rope regularly to prolong the life of the leather, especially when it is easy to sweat or contact with sunscreen in summer, you can wipe the entire leather rope with pure water wet tissues. Grease evenly, while removing waterproof sunscreen. 2. If the leather is penetrated by a large amount of moisture, it should be restored to dryness as soon as possible, and then re-oiled. If left to dry naturally, the leather tissue is easily contracted and hardened. 3. Avoid long-term sunlight. 4. In addition to the temperature and grease of your hands, the leather will gradually show a natural and warm color and luster. It is also recommended to wipe it with a dry cloth regularly and maintain it with leather oil. 5. The mildew spots on the leather are gradually formed after the dust meets the moisture in the air, so if you have not used the leather for a long time, wipe off the dust with a dry cloth, and then use a dust cloth cover, kraft paper or cotton cloth (may Cut from the old white cotton T-shirt) wrapped and placed in a ventilated place for storage; or often touching leather goods (to avoid dust and moisture coverage) can also reduce the chance of mildew, just like the principle of rolling stones without moss. 6. Avoid using maintenance cleaners containing alcohol. <**Steel wire telescopic pull ring**> **Material:**Italian vegetable tanned cow leather, Taiwan steel wire pull tab **Size:**Diameter about 4cm, thickness about 1cm, line length about 47cm **product manual:** The wire of this retractable pull ring is twisted into six strands of thin steel wire, and then covered with a film of glue. It is easy to cut it with special wire pliers, but when the film is worn, the steel wire is under a lack of protection If you keep using it, it will become fragile. So if you can refer to the notes and video descriptions below and do daily inspections and treatments, he will live longer. **Precautions for use and maintenance:** 1. When the steel wire is pulled out, avoid being scratched by other objects. 2. Avoid excessive bending or concave folding of the steel wire. 3. Hanging items are mainly based on general identification card sets, which are too heavy to easily allow internal shrapnel and line segments to move, reducing the resilience. 4. Please pay attention to the elastic force generated when the line segment is stretched, so as not to hurt yourself and others. 5. Regularly wipe the leather oil, wax or petroleum jelly on the line segment to reduce the friction loss when the line segment rotates and extend the service life. 6. Avoid heavy objects or external force squeezing the round body of the telescopic pull ring, which may cause the line segment to be stuck. (The telescopic pull ring is covered by the upper and lower outer shells. If it is accidentally squeezed by external force, it may cause the inner reel to be stuck, and the wire segment cannot be automatically retracted after being pulled out.) 7. How to prevent wire breakage? How to repair when the wire is stuck? Please refer to the video below: (⚠️Fix the telescopic pull ring and steel wire segment first during operation to ensure that it will not arbitrarily contract to avoid being injured by the bullet.) **Description of environmental protection and solidification of steel wire telescoping:** Within six months from the date of delivery of the goods, you can enjoy free maintenance, you can choose to send / pick up or return the mail 40 yuan by registered mail to repair the goods. The maintenance cost outside the warranty period depends on the damage. Due to human factors, such as improper use, impact or breakage, etc., causing product damage, it is not covered by the "BeingLife" warranty. **Lettering service:** You can choose a location for free lettering. The number of words depends on the length limit of the selected location. Welcome to the message to discuss the words and locations you want to engrave. The font reference is as follows: **[Intimate reminder]:**If there is a stamped lettering service, it is an exclusive custom order, which needs to be paid first; in addition, because the customized product cannot be resold, it is not possible to apply for a return and refund, thank you for your support With understanding. **Packing:** General shipping packaging (kraft paper bag): For gift box packaging (dustproof non-woven fabric cover + kraft paper box + natural cow leather tie rope), welcome to purchase here: **About natural leather:** The traces left by the mosquito bites during the growth of the cows, we will try to avoid obvious scars during the production; In addition, each leather will have a growth dermatoglyph, these life history marks are unique to each product. Servings. **BeingLife Design / Hand-sewn** **Designed and handmade in Taiwan**


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