Natural Amethyst Sweet and Gentle Heart-shaped Water Drop 14kgf Necklace For Girlfriend

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Natural faceted amethyst, transparent crystal, a small one about 10mm, when the clavicle chain is just right, the length of the necklace can be customized


Natural Amethyst Sweet and Gentle Heart-shaped Water Drop 14kgf Necklace For Girlfriend


❤**Material**: Metal fittings | United States 14kgf Natural Amethyst | India Natural freshwater pearl ❤**Size**: The total length is about 40cm, and the size can also be customized ❤**Design inspiration (Design)**: The heart-shaped faceted amethyst is about 10mm, which is just right to make the clavicle chain, delicate and delicate Purple is more beautiful, nearly lavender color, crystals are more transparent, colored bands, almost flawless **What are the effects of amethyst?**: ○Amethyst corresponds to the eyebrow chakra in the seven chakra system, improving intuition and subconsciousness. ○ The five elements of amethyst belong to fire, which can eliminate domineering, bring luck for the nobles, and be tolerant. ○ Amethyst represents Gao Jie's steadfast love and is often used as a love stone for lovers. ❤**What is American 14K gold (14KGF)**? 14K gold filled (14K gold filled) is completely different from gold-plated. The 14K gold coating in the United States will mechanically press the 14K gold layer of no less than 5% on the metal substrate by means of high temperature and high pressure processing, and use the good ductility of pure gold to permanently bond the pure gold layer and the embryonic layer together. The anti-allergic of American 14K gold-plated products is also much stronger than that of ordinary gold-plated products, and it is not easy to be allergic. ❤**Small reminders and maintenance methods**: · Natural crystal contains natural cotton wool, ice cracks, black spots, and ribbons. These are the marks that have been baptized by nature for hundreds of millions of years. They are important characteristics of natural gem crystals and are normal phenomena. · Natural pearls vary in size, with growth lines and spots on the surface, which is normal. ·American 14k gold package is not afraid of water and can be worn in the bath. Contact with water can achieve self-cleaning and prolong color retention. Avoid alkaline products such as sulfur soap, and should not contact cosmetics. Don't throw it away if you don't clean it, as this will accelerate the oxidation of the coated gold. If there is a slight oxidation and darkening phenomenon, clean it with toothpaste and rinse with water to restore the brightness. You can also use gold washing water for professional and powerful cleaning. · Clean it when not wearing it and put it back in a sealed bag to avoid storage. ❤**Free gift box packaging** · Including handbag, card, packing box (this model is high-grade flannel box, same as the main picture)


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