Embossed lollipops - unicorn light

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Embossed lollipops - unicorn light


☆ Product Introduction ☆

Crystal clear like hand-made lollipops handmade lollipops, are made under the conditions of the environment, each lollipop from the contents of the body to the packaging, can be subject to your wedding theme and color do different changes .
We use imported German raw materials, sugar, sugar compared to half the average sweetness, in addition to not easy to tooth decay, the effect of low blood sugar to make the body less burden, the production process no added preservatives, because sugar
Body is the best natural preservative, nor add any flavor to make seasonings, please taste the light of its own sweetness.

☆ customized projects ☆

Can be customized part of the front and back of the sugar, the middle of the sandwich and the packaging of small cards or ribbons, the price according to the amount of raw sugar, sugar materials and methods vary, try to put your mind ideas out, let us For your design planning, to convey the mind of the gift, the surprise of the recipient is our aim

☆ Product Description ☆

Embossed lollipops - unicorn light

$ 230 / stick

According to the number of demand subscript settlement can be

Due to handmade, the content of each lollipop can not be 100% exactly the same

☆ product ingredients ☆

Isomalt, food coloring, food decoration

☆ product specifications ☆

Total length 15 cm Sugar body diameter 5 cm Sugar body thickness 0.8 cm

☆ shelf life and methods ☆

It is recommended that you take food within 6 months after receipt and store it in a dry and cool place that avoids direct sunlight. Please swallow as soon as possible after unsealing. Humidity in the environment will affect the role of sugar and gradually atomize. This is normal phenomenon Affect food, into a sealed container can effectively reduce the atomization speed.

☆ packaging ☆

Each lollipop has bags, and ribbon bow ribbon bow, 5 individually fixed in a transparent gift box

☆ related products ☆

Customized all kinds of biscuits, cotton candy and crystal sugar

Suitable for weddings and caramels, business activities, opening of new stores, full moon, Candy Bar and Baby Shower ...

☆ Matters needing attention ☆

Customized goods checkout is completed, except for special reasons do not accept returns, please make sure before checkout, and other goods can be specified in the day before, but do not accept the specified day to. All products are customized, does not apply online shopping on the 7th Appreciation of the norms, the goods immediately after receipt of the box to check, if damaged we will immediately fill.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade


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