Drop-resistant soft shell light pattern geometry [hairline] Android series Samsung Ssmsung Oppo HTC ASUS LG millet Sony HUAWEI protective shell


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    ● button button has a micro convex feedback mechanism ● Simple structure Basic drop resistance ● Material is 100% TPU
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    "Onor Selects Anti-drop Soft Shell"
    Onor's carefully selected shatter-resistant soft shell (commonly referred to as the air-pressure shell) has a simple structure that can achieve a certain degree of drop resistance. The material is 100% TPU. After comparing and testing the 2X models of the soft-shells, the most suitable manufacturer with high quality and stable quality is selected. Its characteristics (1) The phone case itself is thicker (2) It is more resistant to yellowing (Please note that the main reason for the yellowing of the TPU is sunlight + grease, as long as it is TPU material can not avoid yellowing) (3) The slot card must be opened Holes, button buttons have a micro convex feedback mechanism, and also has a pendant hole.

    Product Philosophy
    Each Onor mobile phone case is ready-to-order, and everybody is monitored by everybody to ensure the quality of the product, while avoiding excessive waste, protecting the environment, and doing our best.

    " Detailed description"
    All corners and all sides have a bracket cushion impact.

    The hole is accurate and at the same time it is higher than the screen.

    Hanging hole icon.


    Tough selection of high quality shatter-proof soft shells for TPU materials, the original appearance before use

    "How to Choose a Soft Bag with Onor Cases"
    Ob2 is the same as the Om mobile phone size standard. You can watch the size of the phone case when ordering. If you want to drop the soft case, please see the appropriate size of the “shell” column, or note which phone model you (1) is. (2) Using an anti-drop soft shell, Onor can help you re-confirm the size of your purchase when processing an order.

    "FAQ" (important information can be read in 3 minutes)
    Q1: What is the difference between drop-resistant soft shell and ice crystal shell?
    A1: The drop-resistant soft shell is made of 100% TPU and is soft to the touch. Ice crystal shell frame for the TPU, backplane for PC hard backplane.
    Note: Anti-drop soft shell full version protector can be used.

    Q2: Why some models are ice crystal shells, some models are drop-resistant soft shell?
    A2: The development cost of the ice crystal shell is high. The ice crystal shell manufacturer refers to the design of the flagship model. If we have the extra models we need, we need a large amount of basic quantities to produce. Of course, this is also our goal. The cost of developing a shatter-resistant soft shell is relatively low, and most manufacturers will make it.

    Q3: How can drop-resistant soft shells resist drop-off?
    A3: Yes, TPU itself is a shock-absorbing soft material.

    Q4: Anti-drop soft shell will turn yellow?
    A4: The anti-drop soft shells we have chosen and the soft shells on the market are less likely to turn yellow, and the TPU will turn yellow slightly over time (Please note that the main reason why the TPU turns yellow is sunlight+oil, so long as it is a TPU material, it cannot be avoided. yellow).
    Note: TPU material itself is a thermoplastic polyurethane, oxidation performance is yellowing, Onor anti-fall soft shell selected for Germany imported Bayer environmental protection TPU raw materials, and the general market TPU is not easy to yellow.

    Q5: Drop-resistant soft shell will produce water ripples?
    A5: The anti-drop soft shell and the mobile phone contact surface have a design of adding a dot to avoid water ripples.

    Q6: Is there a film or a used mobile phone that is resistant to falling?
    A6: Most of them can be used. The anti-drop soft shell has elasticity.

    Q7: How can the pattern printed on the soft shell fall off easily?
    A7: Onor uses the Japanese original printing machine to print with high-quality green ink. Normally, the high-grade color does not fade or fall off.
    Note: Strong impact, key scratches, etc. are not limited.
    "Introduction to the light series" photographed as ice crystal shell
    What is the light pattern series mobile phone shell? When the light transmits the mobile phone shell, the lines on the mobile phone shell will produce transparent to white color due to the refraction angle of light, if the shadows are beautiful.
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Drop-resistant soft shell light pattern geometry [hairline] Android series Samsung Ssmsung Oppo HTC ASUS LG millet Sony HUAWEI protective shell

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