Unlimited | Flower of Life pendant Tiantie (single fall)

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Unlimited | Flower of Life pendant Tiantie (single fall)


Trade Descriptions and stories || ||

[Commodity prices this fall without a single chain]
[Feature of this product is the use of nickel-iron meteorites (called anecdotal day iron) cast]

If understanding the sacred totem friends, maybe everywhere traces of the Flower of Life, or jewelry.
Totem Flower of Life as the source of the universe, this sacred totem symbolizes the cycle of life, but also represents pure energy endless.
Let the soul back to the original appearance, the most pure of their own, become pure love.

Flower of Life is the most luxurious of its neat arrangement of scales, like pyramids exactly right angle and length that has the most original sanctity, the golden ratio is Xiangdangzhongyao, this product manual for designers portray, show very rigorous design and delicate.

Presents the most sacred, the infinite healing light.

The following description is taken from Wikipedia:
Flower of Life (Flower of Life) is a New Age (New Age movement) of the promoters Delongwaluo · Melchizedek (Drunvalo Melchizedek) to give a uniformly spaced, overlapping circular cross and a plurality of geometric shapes consisting of name. This graph is a flower-like pattern and presents a symmetric (symmetrical) hexagonal structure.

"Flower of Life" pattern consists of seven or more overlapping circles, each of which are at the center of a circle of six peripheral circumference of the same diameter on

Material || ||

Days iron (nickel-iron meteorite), falling head silver plated white K

Tiantie maintenance way: Since the days of iron ore and iron (but generated in space), the pickling solution after a special showing Tiantie unique angle lines, and then plated with "rhodium", and rusty iron day In fact, whether it is basically related with the constitution, but generally do not recommend or touch the water, wipe it dry with water, if not please wear sealed, usually trace can be coated with baby oil (preferably unscented natural oil) as a maintenance , making it shiny rust.

Oiler opportunity: to see his seemingly dry iron can dip a little bit of baby oil to clean Oh.
Water or sweat prudent to wipe it dry.
If the case of rust can return the original maintenance or plating (subject to charges, according to varying degrees of rust).

|| Size ||

Diameter 2.8cm (excluding falling head)
◈ commodity and macro lens because according to the visual effect will be magnified, real goods will be a little more refined

Note || metal jewelry and maintenance ||

1. Do not near the fire, in order to avoid continued thermal burns
2. Do not touch the hot springs, sulfur will be black metal case
3. Do not Feel free to use silver polishing silver milk, it will hurt the surface of the metal jewelry, make jewelry more easily oxidized
4. oxide yellow available silver polishing cloth to restore the light (no wet)
Origin / manufacturing methods
Handmade / Taiwan


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