Living Tea Soap Series - Aunt's Fairy Tea - Fairy Grass

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"Snow Wen Yang Xing" ✿ Living Tea Soap Series - Aunt's Fairy Tea - Fairy Grass


Living Tea Soap Series - Aunt's Fairy Tea - Fairy Grass


Aunt's Fairy Tea - Fairy Grass Xiancao, a leisurely deep grassy fragrance, is reminiscent of the aunt's family's fairy grass tea. From the lazyness of not wanting to go to school, to the fun of not wanting to go home, it relies on this fairy grass tea to resolve, and occasionally need to ask Help your friends with your awkward sticks and enjoy your childhood aroma. <Life Tea Soap Project Soap x Tea – Living Program > I am looking forward to returning home, the foam that the handmade soap produces on the skin, and take a shower to relax. Suddenly, you find that the cup of hand-drinking tea in your hand, the cold foam is not to be outdone, and tells you: the world's foam is not Only soap has! "Tea" and "soap", the beauty is not only the same, tea from the exquisite tea culture to the hand-cranked tea stalls everywhere, soap from the royal family to the city life, drinking tea and washing, starting with water, are everyday The two things that cleanse the body and mind are small but irreplaceable. We use the idea of hand-shake tea stalls, custom-made handmade soap gift boxes, according to your exclusive preferences, to drive away your unchanging tiredness and let your body and mind return. Don't you believe that the soap in the soap can reproduce the street tea? Why not take a deep breath and try! Retrieve the first cup of fairy tea aroma from the aunt's magic weapon. "15-year-old QQ Treasure" is a precious milk that commemorates youth. Reminiscent of sitting under the "green glass window" at the time, holding him aloe green. Oolong tea is your "Wenqing Identification Card". Black tea highlights the status of "no badge aristocrat". Green tea’s "green back to sweet" is a solid life. Occasionally adjust honey to make your "sweet universe" shine. Squeeze sweet lemon juice in "Slightly Acid Life" Remember to learn from milk, the protagonist level, but also readily accept the "best supporting role"! Finally home and enjoy a relaxing bath, While creamy soap foams tendering your body, Chilly cool bubbles of the hand-shake tea are tickling your tongue tip, Suddenly realize that ecstatic bubbles are not only from the soap! Tea and Soap are not only in common with their beauty. Tea varies from the exquisite tea art culture to the hand-shake bubble tea vendors everywhere in streets; Soaps range from the top chic brands affordable mostly by the royal families to the functional basic daily used by the mass pubic. Drinking and cleaning, both start from water, to purify our body and our mind. Basic needs, negligible but irreplaceable. As creative as the hand-shake bubble tea, our customized hand-made soap gift set replies to your preference. Release you from The dull, monotonous choice, Refresh your mind and body. Don't you believe soaps emitting tea fragrance! Take a deep breath to feel once more the fresh aroma of your first herbal tea "Grandma's ". The 15-year "Chewy Bubble Milk Tea" commemorates your younger years. Thinking flying to the past: sitting close together, he had a cup of aloe green tea. Oolong tea is your "hipster badge", Black tea highlights your "uncrowned royal identity", Green tea guarantees your "health report". Life is too short. Add some honey to make sparkle your "sweet little universe"; Cherish the lemon flavor in your "sourish daily life"; Remember to learn from the milk, key actor but enjoying its "best supporting role"! Bathing a small mood~ This is used, light tea is full of life! Step 1 Drain the area to be cleaned evenly with clean water. Step 2 Choose a "Life Tea Soap Series Soap" according to your mood and aroma. Step 3: Put the soap into the fine foam with both hands. Step 4 Apply a rich foam to the face or body and clean the massage in a rounded manner. Step 5 is recommended to be used together with the “Greek Imported Baby Sponge” for deep cleansing! Step 6 The eyes are the window of the soul, you need to double the protection, please let the delicate foam avoid the eye. After step 7 is fully massaged, rinse off with water. Step 8 Touch and see, deeply feel the body and mind back to good! [Product Content and Specifications] Name: Aunt's Wan Ling Dan (Xiancao)-Tea Soap Series Uses: Suitable for face or body cleansing, soft foam, moisturizing after washing. Ingredients: olive oil, embryo oil, coconut oil, palm oil, grass water, rosemary / tea tree / patchouli / essential oil To use: Apply soap on face or body, or use sponge to clean it, then rinse with water. Weight: 100g ± 10g Shelf life: 18 months Note: Please avoid eye use, please place it in a dry and ventilated place. If there is any discomfort in the skin after use, please stop using it immediately. Beiwei makeup wide word 10412087, 10412088, 10 5 0 8 2 6 7 ●Manufactured in Taiwan handmade


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