Half-baked cheese tower gift box 9

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40g x 9
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You don't have to wait in line to get a burst of dessert! Select the imported cheese from the second baking method /


Half-baked cheese tower gift box 9


❤ 2017 Apple Daily Mother's Day Cake Review Double-Twin Award-winning Stores ❤ Buy food, famous bloggers recommend ❤ ❤ Gift Box chooses eco-friendly vegetable ink printing boxes (soybean ink, flaxseed ink) as the home of desserts, and presents you with a gift-like surprise. Dessert Description / ❤Taipi is thick and crunchy ❤ ❤ 士 stuffed with imported cream cheese, smooth and meticulous The overall level of contrast is clear and refreshing ❤ enjoys three tastes at a time A single good entrance, the entire group gifts good companion You don't have to wait in line to get a burst of dessert! Select the imported cheese from the second baking method / tappi bite crispy, filling the entrance, milk creamy / level contrast sharp, refreshing not greasy / can enjoy three different taste changes ~ single good entrance, the whole Group gift is a good companion / is definitely a good choice for gifts ~ Product Size/ 2 吋 size/piece (about 5.5 cm in diameter) for a total of 9 in, about 2.5 cm in height Suitable for 3-4 people to enjoy Commodity raw materials / Cream cheese, fresh cream, lemon juice, sugar, eggs, salt, flour, cream Product content / 2 half cooked cheese towers 9 in Date of manufacture / Calculate working days after order payment is 5-7 days 7 days after the arrival date can be specified! (After checkout, note in the remarks) Within 7 days of dispatch, please call to ask! storage method/ This product contains no preservatives Frozen 5 days / Refrigerated 2 days Edible way / Enjoy three different taste changes!!! Frozen - smooth and detailed like ice cream Cold-frozen and about 20-30 minutes after refrigerating and ice-removal, you can enjoy the pudding-like coolness and softness in the mouth. Heating - The stuffing bursts like a lava drain heating method/ Microwave oven - medium heat about 15-25 seconds Oven - up and down the fire about 180 degrees C grilled about 3-5 minutes The heating time varies depending on the oven and microwave, depending on the actual situation and personal preference! Shipping method / Adopt black cat frozen home delivery Delivery period is divided into [not specified], [before 13], and [14 to 18] (the latest delivery period) Please leave a message on the note If you do not specify the time, in order to avoid shaking the cake in transit, dandelion will arrive before 13 o'clock! Remind you: delivery can only select "time period" and cannot specify "time"! Return method / According to the Consumer Protection Law, fresh products provided by the shop are not applicable to the seven-day appreciation period. After you receive the goods, please confirm the goods you ordered as soon as possible. If there are non-human factors, the goods are damaged, scratched, or In case of incomplete package damage caused by the transportation process, please notify the company as soon as possible. We will conduct product defect or damage assessment and handle it as soon as possible. If you need to return, please E-mail or call to the shop, and provide the following information: 1. Order number 2. Name and contact number, and E-mail address When you want to return the goods, please maintain the brand-new status of the goods, and make sure that there are no omissions in the main merchandise, user manuals, registration letters, peripheral parts, invoices, related accessories, etc., and return them together with the original packaging. This shop handles refunds for you. Brand Story / "La Pissenlit" simply hopes that the desserts we make can be rooted in everyone's hearts like dandelion seeds. Therefore, the French name "La Pissenlit" - dandelion is used as the studio name. "The Secret of Dandelion" We hope that every customer can feel our intentions, dandelion adheres to a persistent and serious attitude, and it is imperative to make things perfect. Apart from foods that focus on health and peace of mind, we also strive to innovate and pursue the combination of details and levels. At the same time, you can see that the chef has measured the precision of the product. It does not add artificial flavors and preservatives at all. It is made from natural ingredients, reduced in sugar, reduced in oil, and free from seasoning. It naturally reveals the original flavor of the ingredients and creates a surprise-free and unburdened dessert. Perfect desserts not only take into account the gorgeous appearance, but also make use of the compatibility between ingredients, allowing people to eat happy taste buds. This is the secret dessert that dandelion has been pursuing - letting people feel the happy temperature. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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