【Hylé Design Macau】 ORB-it Wood earrings (galaxy geometry)

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ORB-it jewelry series, I hope every part of the product has its mission, we special collection of abandoned treasure woo


【Hylé Design Macau】 ORB-it Wood earrings (galaxy geometry)


- Natural I "Chai" will be useful. A section of wood shuttle shuttle universe journey
- Jewelry series "around" as a inspiration. Minimalist lines and selected wood, the most twinkling star condensation, will create each jewelry unique, like the universe in the celestial objects, unique and unique attraction. In the vastness of space, looking for your own track and accompany you to move forward, like every day around your precious partner, family, friends, Feel It All Around!
-ORB-it jewelry series, I hope every part of the product has its mission, we collect the discarded treasure wood, hand-made a unique jewelry
The concept of the original East: Every thing has its value of existence "born I" Chai "will be useful."

-ORB-it Jewelry Series Technology:
Wood uses steam drying and NGT technology that does not destroy wood fibers and precisely controls the temperature and time according to the different characteristics of the wood. After more than one hundred hours of drying and special technology.
Simple and pure persistence, is our philosophy has always been, artisans are with this concept, intentions to create wooden Orb series ORB-it, our products have to go through 10 full manual sander, in order to make the product has the most delicate texture This unusual and painstaking process is purely insisted on by us and artisans. The quality of every detail can be just as our philosophy, so that you can feel "ingenuity" in every product.

-ORB-it Accessories Series Story:
Naturally I "Chai" will have to use a waste of wood shuttle universe journey!
Each item has its own survival value. The original East in the manufacture of products at the same time, also adhere to the concept of environmentally friendly business. Due to the irregular shape of the high-end wood trim, the furniture factory will throw it away as garbage or burn firewood. However, scrap because of irregular accidents produced a very special nature like the lines of the universe.
Everything has its own trajectory, waste wood is not useless, but it is not on the trajectory, what we do is to let them run on the trajectory, the trajectory is the need for gravity to run, the same is true for everyone Everyone has its own trajectory. It is the attraction that brings the two people together to each other to create a common trajectory. If we split the "ORB" and "it", we want you to feel the trajectory of his love. Feel It All Around!

- / Size, size, size, weight /
Product Size: 0.7x0.7cm (because of hand-made, each size will be different)
Package size: 5x5x3.5 cm

- / Product main material /
Mexican gold Tan
Indian red sandalwood
925 silver ear needle
- / Operate and maintain /
Precautions: The products are all handmade by precious logs for hundreds of years, so the texture and shape of each product are different and unique. The wood grain and the shape of the product photos will not be the same, cherish the special of each handmade wood product !
Wood maintenance methods:
Should use a soft cotton cloth, wipe back and forth along the wood, do not use a hard cloth, the wood can be used for a few months to maintain wood luster, will help increase the longevity of wood, avoid using water or gasoline, kerosene, Turpentine and other solvent liquid cleaning, will lead to erosion of the wood surface, tarnished.

- brand story
hylé design Original East corner is a Macau designer original life brand.
Advocates the pursuit of the pure nature of things, love to discover the aesthetics of life and its details, expecting to experience simple and simple warmth and enhance life attitude among busy urban users.
Purpose: "I am born" Chai "will be useful.
Each item has its own survival value. The original East in the manufacture of products at the same time, also adhere to the concept of environmentally friendly business. However, many factories use wood to make finished furniture, and the remaining wood will be discarded as rubbish or burned when wood is burned. Therefore, we have injected new life values into this pile of "waste wood" and made a wide range of wooden household items such as rulers and accessories to reduce the waste of timber.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Design and production by hylé design Macau / Handmade
Origin / manufacturing methods


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