Morishita tree SENSIASHU / leather pen cover / 12 colors in total / Italian vegetable-tanned cow leather

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Vegetable tanned cowhide pen case Material: Italian vegetable-tanned cow leather Leather thickness: 1mm Bag size: Length 14.5cm X height 3cm X width 2.2cm



Morishita tree SENSIASHU / leather pen cover / 12 colors in total / Italian vegetable-tanned cow leather


Morishita tree brand story: The longer you spend with you, the simpler it must be. Doing design with this belief, and constantly removing redundant design and decoration, I just want to leave the pursuit of the purest and simplest items that you can always use. And can accompany you to write more stories. The work of Morishita tree handmade leather goods, from design to pattern making to finished products, is original to Morishita designer, and the leather sewing is also done by needle and thread, only for delivery to you. It is still full of handmade temperature. The leather also uses only vegetable-tanned cowhide imported from Europe and the United States. The more often you touch it, the darker and brighter the leather will become. Product description: Simple shapes but clean lines, daily writing and writing, and various stationery also need a temperature storage space. 11 color leather optional: Free typing service We provide fonts that can be printed in English and numbers, which can help you type the English words or numbers you want on the leather (up to 8 words in English) Before the goods are shipped, the beeswax will be maintained for the last time, so there is a simple surface water repellent function, but this effect is not continuous, and continuous maintenance is required to maintain this function. About vegetable tanned leather: In the process of making cowhide, tannin is used for tanning. This method is not only time-consuming and expensive to produce, but it will greatly reduce environmental damage and less burden on human skin. Vegetable-tanned cow leather contains only natural Animal and plant ingredients also no longer contain harmful ingredients such as heavy metals contained in other leather processes. After vegetable tanning is finished, no further processing is required. The leather surface retains the natural texture and luster of the leather itself. It is soft and translucent, and with the use of consumers, its color will continue to deepen, and the brightness of the leather itself will become more and more shiny. style. Natural beeswax leather maintenance oil Maintenance method: • The leather should be protected from rain as much as possible. If it accidentally gets in the water, it should be dried with a clean cloth and placed in a ventilated place to dry. Wipe the natural plant leather beeswax with Morishita tree. Regular maintenance can extend the leather. Life-span, and the Moringa tree plant leather maintenance beeswax contains natural beeswax ingredients, which can have a simple water repellent function, but remember to maintain it regularly to maintain the water repellent function. •. Vegetable-tanned leather will gradually deepen the color according to the sun and the touch and maintenance methods of hands. It may also be normal due to spots or color patches caused by dripping with oil or water, but it will be longer with use. It will gradually change to your own color. Please enjoy the process of slowly changing the color until it becomes an item that you can't help but accompany you to travel with you. / Precautions/ • During the growth of cattle, there will inevitably be some small scars on the body, or there may be some damage during the production and transportation process, so there will inevitably be some small scars and wrinkle textures on the leather, and these marks will make the goods become It is unique, but for the sake of product perfection, the production process will try to avoid the places where there are traces, but there will inevitably be some traces, which is unavoidable, and each piece of leather must be unique, so every time the designer The color of the cowhide to choose will vary from one to the other, and the work will have a little color difference. Before buying, please consider whether it is acceptable or communicate with the designer in detail. Customized products cannot be returned: (Customized leather goods definition) • Morishita tree products have changed specifications. • Leather goods are stamped with exclusive English stamps. • Not part of Morishita Original Design. Origin / manufacturing methods Origin Made by Taiwan Morishita designer


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