100% Taiwan Alder Essential Oil Bath Essence

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100% Taiwan Alder Essential Oil Bath Essence A natural bath essence made by adding Taiwan Alder natural oil! No fragrance, no chemicals


100% Taiwan Alder Essential Oil Bath Essence


100% Taiwan Alder Essential Oil Bath Essence A natural bath essence made by adding Taiwan Alder natural oil! No fragrance, no chemicals | 100% Taiwan Alder Essential Oil Bath Essence Tochigi bath essence made of Tochigi essential oil from Taiwan, like bathing in Tochigi forest when bathing, enjoying the moisturizing of the forest bath, containing natural ingredients of Fentianjing, which can help reduce skin fatigue, wash away body dirt, and emit a faint fragrance . Bottle size: 6 X 6 X 17 cm Capacity: 300 ml Validity period: three years Origin: Taiwan * Due to a shortage of packaging bottles, the current estimated shipment date of the products is at the end of March * **▌ Our story** https://shop.r10s.com/f59454f0-26f9-11e6-b7b3-0050569976d0/images/Pinkoi/hooming.jpg Since the 1950s, Hualien Hongming Wood has inherited the persistence of Taiwan's wood industry. However, due to market downturns and a self-made father, the second generation of family members extended their dreams of wood industry to create a Hualien bed and breakfast. Tochigi! https://shop.r10s.com/f59454f0-26f9-11e6-b7b3-0050569976d0/images/Pinkoi/ccyy.jpg Tochigi Residence is based on Tochigi in Taiwan. It is designed to breathe comfortably. With the self-developed Tochigi original products, visitors are exposed to the virgin forest of Hualien and feel at ease. From vision, touch to smell, it is a complete experience. Tochigiju not only allows you to feel the charm of Tochigi, but also to appreciate the history of Hualien Wood. **▌ Our philosophy** https://shop.r10s.com/f59454f0-26f9-11e6-b7b3-0050569976d0/images/Pinkoi/CCYYY.jpg Tochigi Gifts is based on more than 50 years of wood industry experience and professional insistence on wooden products. Based on the comfort concept of bed and breakfast, it extends the design of Tochigi "BEUinoki" products (meaning Body / Eat / Use Hinoki; Beauty / Eating / Life Tochigi supplies), each product blends the most original imagination of Tochigi, with a unique fragrance, so that you can enjoy the forest fresh and refreshing at any time. **/ Body Hinoki /**Combined with extracted cypress essence, designing body products such as bath, shampoo, fragrance and maintenance, let users feel as if they can be moisturized by the forest bath. **/ Eat Hinoki /**Tochigi natural aroma fusion diet, taste the light forest fragrance of Tochigi, so that consumers can feel fresh and sweet in the fragrance of Tochigi. **/ Use Hinoki /**Design daily life products with natural color and fragrance, and give full play to the original functional properties of Tochigi, durable, antibacterial, anti-mildew and insect removal, and experience the texture of the life of the log.


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