MOLESKINE second generation smart notebook group PEN+ Ellipse

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Moleskine has always been committed to being a creative multimedia pipeline that supports and nurtures users' imagination, memories, journeys and productivity. Over the years, the brand has created an ecosystem that includes a variety of complementary



MOLESKINE second generation smart notebook group PEN+ Ellipse


Moleskine has always been committed to being a creative multimedia pipeline that supports and nurtures users' imagination, memories, journeys and productivity. Over the years, the brand has created an ecosystem that includes a variety of complementary accessories. Especially in the past two years, Moleskine has built a set of smart notebooks for connecting simulation and digital technology, strengthening various writing, sketching, sketching and planning. This simple and unique system uses paper and digital devices to achieve the overall effect, which not only connects the user's creative thinking, but also improves work efficiency, which is exactly the same as our left and right hemispheres. This intelligent writing system consists of a paper-based smart notebook, smart diary, Moleskine Notes application and smart pen, allowing users to easily synchronize handwritten information from smart notebooks to digital devices. The demand for users who are increasingly mobile in their lives. For example, when using the Moleskine Smart Diary, you can simply write or draw on the diary with a smart pen. Text and graphics can be saved and digitized, and immediately appear on pre-set digital devices (whether compatible phones or tablets). The computer is on the agenda and can be shared with others by sending an email. Developed in collaboration with NeoLAB, the Pen+ Ellipse Smart Pen is the latest addition to the Intelligent Writing System. As the name implies, this Pen+ Ellipse smart pen has a sleek and elegant design with a simple design and a familiar rounded shape that reminds people of the rounded outline of the Moleskine Smart Notebook and the traditional tablet to communicate ideas through interconnection. The characteristics of the digital world. The Pen+ Ellipse smart pen is clearly inspired by the classic design of the Moleskine pen holder, with a specially designed pen cover that can be clipped to any hard cover book. This smart pen is very sensitive to even small touches. It not only continuously delivers various writing content (such as drawing, creative and dating arrangements) to any compatible digital device, but temporarily saves the results when you want to work offline. When you are inspired by inspiration, you can always connect again and be free to work and creative whenever and wherever you want. Plus, it syncs your notebook and audio recordings to add multiple value to the content you create. Moleskine Chief of Digital Innovation Peter Jensen said: Unlike traditional writing pens, this Pen+ Ellipse smart pen allows users to get meaningful and familiar creative experiences, with a focus on users, sharing their ideas and work results. . Today's people live between paper and digital reality, and the Pen+ Ellipse smart pen has become a tool that, with this easy-to-use tool, is free to travel through the analog and digital worlds. In this fast-paced world, paper and digital media are no longer mutually exclusive, so drawing sketches or sketches on paper is as important as sharing digitally; this Pen+ Ellipse smart pen is the way to do this. The ideal tool for the function, truly ensuring that your creativity can enjoy both the hands-on and digital advantages, which not only simplifies the process, but also improves the level of innovation and productivity. The Pen+ Ellipse smart pen can be purchased separately with the dedicated Moleskine Smart Notebook, Smart Journal and Moleskine Notes app. Whether you're an artist, executive, mathematician or student, even in a variety of industries, this Pen+ Ellipse smart pen can meet your core needs, making your notebooks and digital devices work seamlessly. **<Description of compatibility>** Pen+ Ellipse Wisdom Pen: Use with Moleskine Smart Notebook and Smart Diary. Moleskine Notes app: Works on tablets and smartphones and is compatible with Apple's iOS and Android operating systems. If you are working on a desktop computer, you can only use the Windows 10 operating system. Moleskine Smart Diary: This smart diary implements your schedule and syncs between your Google Calendar and other digital calendaring systems, including Moleskine Time page, iCal and Microsoft Outlook. (Only support for free Outlook accounts) **<Product Content>** Pen+ ELLIPSE smart pen L-line smart notebook designed for Pen+ smart pens Charging USB interface cable Refill a refill User manual Volant Mini Lightweight Notebook 1 **<Product Specifications>** Wisdom Notebook Size: L type / 13 × 21 cm Material: paper Number of pages: 176 pages Pounds: 100 gsm made in China "Pen+ Wisdom Pen" Dimensions: 9.6 mm x 15.5 mm Material: aluminum alloy Weight: 19.85 (without pen cover) support: - Android KitKat 4.4 or higher (Bluetooth 2.1 or higher) - iOS 8.1 or higher (Bluetooth 4.0LE) - Windows 10/ OS 10586 or higher (Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR) Receive/transmit frequency: 2402~2480 MHz Storage capacity: 100MB internal storage (about 1000 sheets) Rated input: DC 5V/300 MA Charging: 2 hours Use time: keep writing for 5 hours PC connection: USB 2.0 HS (micro USB) made in China **Pinkoi exclusive custom stamping service** // how to apply Please read the following hot stamping instructions and provide the hot stamping pattern number and text in the shopping cart remarks column. - If you purchase a copy, fill in the remarks field directly, for example: Pattern: B, text: good times - If you purchase more than one, for example: Classic Hardshell Notebook - M Type - Checkered Black / Pattern: C, Text: Happy Life Classic treasure blue hard shell notebook - L - checkered / pattern: D, text: Happy // can be bronzing goods Accept the cover material as hard or soft, size: pocket / M / L / XL Limited edition and special material cover are not available // bronzing specification Each item is only acceptable for**"One Pattern"**Plus**"One Row of Text"** There are 8 models to choose from (due to the type relationship, A can not be hot stamped) // bronzing word limit Pocket / M type: 12 English words or 5 Chinese characters L type / XL type: 14 English words or 7 Chinese characters - Chinese and English cannot be mixed, the number of words contains blanks and symbols, please specify English case by yourself. - English fonts use SignPainter-HouseScript, Chinese fonts use standard body. Do not accept specified fonts - Special characters that cannot be entered by keyboard or phonetic input method cannot be accepted. - The printing position is unified in the center directly below the cover, and the specified position is not accepted (please see the hot stamping diagram) - Pinkoi's exclusive customized bronzing service to 2019/08/31, if during non-activity, the hot stamping service costs $250 per copy // Hot stamping service instructions - This bronzing service cannot be delivered within the specified time due to the scheduled time. It takes about 7 - 12 working days. - The bronzing service order is an individual customized product, so it is not possible to provide a return (please note before setting up the order) - If you choose "Pinkoi Exclusive Customized Stamping Service", but do not fill in the customized content in the order remarks field, or do not contact Moleskine to inform the customer demand within 48 hours after the order is completed. In the event that the subscriber cannot be contacted, the Pinkoi station will assist with the refund. // Hot stamping


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