Customized _ full body pet hair kid illustration portrait portrait

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❣ I hope that you will be happy and wish you a way to find your own happiness. I will be by your side, and you will be able to cherish the unique happiness for you. ❣ ~ Its life is wonderful for you~


Customized _ full body pet hair kid illustration portrait portrait


✪This store contains photo frames and beautiful packaging✪ ✡[Drawing content] ***body** * Bonus plus text and symbols! What words do you want to add to me when you give the picture? *Text and pattern location by I help you typeset * There will be a small designer signature in the painting The painting can be horizontal or straight, and it is recommended that you fit the straight or horizontal type according to the action. ——————✡—————— ✡[Order process] 1 You can contact the designer via Pinkoi to send photos to Colapi and complete the payment after placing the order. ★ (a) send one of your favorite main photos (will draw with this one) And 3 other photos (designed by the designer to confirm the charm) (b) Leave a message to write down the text or symbol "..." Pet names, symbols, toys, etc. can be used, because the paper size is limited, plus text within 10 words. 2 Start production on the next business day after you complete the payment and confirm the photo. In order to maintain the quality of the painting, you need to wait for about 7 working days. If you finish drawing, you will send it early. ✡[examples of photos] * Try not to block or cut to the face * Avoid being too blurry and too dark *Do not use the filter to change the original color *Multiple animals, photos can be given separately, accepting synthesis* ——————✡—————— ✡[Precautions] ☒ draw after payment ☒ No offer to see drafts and edits (after confirming the picture, just wait for the receipt!) ☒ Exclusive custom goods, can not be canceled and returned or exchanged after sale, confirm the likes of this store style. There is no invoice for this small store. ☒This product is sold without copyright and copyright. Please do not use the product for profitable commercial projects such as logos, advertisements, and texts. If you have any use or need, please contact us to discuss the quotation. Please provide a photo of ☒, please confirm that there is no infringement! Responsible for any dispute ————————————— ✡ [Billing and time description] Full body painting for a picture of a baby If you need more than another store Emergency order, private discussion time ✱ Production time: 7 working days 7 7 days from the date of payment confirmation ————————————— ✡[Product Specifications] * Autographed: 10.5x14.8cm *Paper: Japanese Muffin Paper *Draw media: water-based pencil *Photo Frame: 18x13.5cm *nice packing Photo frame introduction: This is a full body painting Just want to draw a half-length head to this store Check out more of Colapi's illustrations: IG/FB: Colapi Happiness Design Island Island of cola cake


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