Farandole Bamboo Fiber Wrap - Three Gift Box Set - Colorful Camouflage + Orange Plaid + Purple Lucky Leopard

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. No batt, very soft . Moisture absorbing . Colourful and lovely



Farandole Bamboo Fiber Wrap - Three Gift Box Set - Colorful Camouflage + Orange Plaid + Purple Lucky Leopard


As a designer's parents, in order to find the most suitable towel for their baby's use, I found that the 100% cotton towel has the problem of cotton wool, but the 100% bamboo fiber towel is breathable but loses the cotton feel, especially Adjusting the optimal ratio of 70% bamboo fiber and 30% cotton, the Farandole bamboo fiber gauze wrap has the best breathability and soft touch, so that the baby is like a mother's arms, not only full of love but also There is a full sense of security, a natural bamboo towel that really breathes. Extremely soft soothing towel Baby can help the baby to meet the sense of security from the different aspects of the smell, touch, grip and libido of the soothing towel, helping the baby to learn to comfort and fall asleep. Natural fiber cloth The best ratio of 70% bamboo fiber + 30% cotton, compared with 100% bamboo fiber towel, has the best breathability and soft touch, just like the mother's warm embrace. No cotton It is not easy to lose hair to reduce the allergies caused by cotton wool to the baby, and the best material for newborns. Moisture absorbing The natural bamboo and cotton fabric has pores, which can improve the permeability and have good hygroscopicity. In the sultry environment, the body temperature can be adjusted to increase the comfort, and a natural bamboo cotton towel that really breathes. Colourful and cute, a variety of choices Colorful and soft colors with a variety of cute illustrations for the most beloved baby. Versatility Mother's baby must-have items, sheets, crawling mats, diaper pads, blankets, summer air conditioners, cart sunshades, bath towels, breastfeeding towels, spit milk towels, small pillows, mother bath towels, beach towels, park grass mats, etc. Product specifications Name of Product: FARANDOLE Bamboo Fiber Gauze Towel Size: 120 x 120 cm Material: 70% bamboo fiber + 30% cotton Weight: 165 grams (g) Precautions 1. Please clean before using for the first time. 2. Use only chlorine-free bleach if necessary. 3. Low temperature drying. 4. Do not iron. 5. Do not dry clean. 6. Children must be supervised and accompanied by an adult when using this product. 7. Do not disassemble or swallow this product. 8. Do not use this product while children are walking or running. 9. This product and packaging are not toys. 10. Please check the product carefully before use. Do not use it if it is damaged. 11. Do not place this product in a fire or hot place. 12. Because this product is a sanitary product, it will not be returned after use.


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