ALEX Vintage Cowhide Cylinder Shoulder Bag Black

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ALEX shoulder bag with a telescopic cylinder look; Not only does she have a larger capacity, but also a low-key display.


Beara Beara

ALEX Vintage Cowhide Cylinder Shoulder Bag Black


**Design** 'Beara Beara' creates bags for those who we have not yet met. But we sit and imagine who you may be. What secrets you have, what makes you smile, what makes you sigh. We sit at our messy desks and rummage through materials And play and patterns. We play. We play with our ideas. What will make your life a little brighter? We ignore the chaos in the street, the technology, the worries of life. We create something new. Every month we go home with Our wages to give to our landlords and government and banks but still feel quite content. We like making strangers smile. We design bags for people who have never met. We sit still, imagine the role you might play, the secret you may hide; think about what makes you smile, what makes you sad and sigh. We sat at the messy table and rushed through the various materials. What can add color to your life? It is the answer we are trying to find. Ignore the hustle and bustle of the bustling streets, the rules of the system and the troubles of depression. Beara Beara creates exquisite and unique bags, just hope that you will smile. **Supply** In our minds we are Julio and Maria and Cesar and Natalia who also at at desks in Bolivia and twist and shape pieces of leather into something that never never seen before. Our connection with our suppliers is one of the most special aspects about Beara Beara. A collaboration, which exists on mutual admiration, respect, understanding and general positivity. Improve people's lives through trade and not aid, is one of the principles on which the business is built, yet none of us imagined it would become so much fun . Beara Beara's special and harmonious partnership with manufacturers in Bolivia is based on mutual appreciation, understanding and respect. Encouraging local residents to work and improve their living standards has always been our goal. **Quality** As a young business we have been quite hideous to work with; a spoilt child wanting everything and wanting it right now. Over demanding in production schedules, uncompromising in material quality, relentless in the pursuit of our exact designs, pedantic in finding faults. Off to our suppliers for putting up with us in our infancy but now that we are a tad more mature we have been justified by the fact that our customers appreciate our after pursuit of quality and perfection. Naturally dyed hand-picked hides. One-of -a-kind cloths displaying history in a modern style. Soft linings and strong sardware. Our aim is always to create a quality product that will reward our customer's trust in us. Beara Beara is a very young and start-up brand. In this highly competitive fashion industry, we are committed to high quality raw materials and original designs, and we are growing stronger. Natural dyed woven fabrics, unique fabrics, cotton linings and tough leather construction have become synonymous with Beara Beara. In order to make the purchase of Beara Beara feel this kind of heart and thank you for your trust, we will never compromise on the insistence on quality. **Overview Overview** ALEX shoulder bag with a telescopic cylinder look; Not only does she have a larger capacity, but also a low-key display. The inner red cotton cloth shows the British style. **Detail details** Material: cowhide Lining: 100% cotton Dimensions (cm): Length 22 X Height 18.5 X Width 8 Strap (cm): 110 (adjustable) Weight (g): 570 **FAQ Frequently Asked Questions** _Bag is made of natural leather?_ Yes, Beara Beara uses only natural leather. Beara Beara's bags are made entirely of unprocessed cowhide leather with natural and shades of texture, a feature of handmade cowhide products. __Will leather be soft for a long time?__ Yes, the leather will gradually soften and taste more after a few weeks of use. However, in order to maintain the package and make the bag last longer, we recommend not to load too heavy items. __Leather waterproof?__ Natural leather is not waterproof. But whether it is leather or suede, you can use a waterproof spray to protect it. Since the spray may affect the gloss of the leather, please use it as appropriate. __Will the bag be damaged when it touches the water?__ The leather absorbs a small amount of moisture and is not damaged. If you accidentally spray a small amount of water, it is recommended to hang the bag and dry it naturally. __Will the suede part fade?__ Under normal use, it will not be possible, especially under the protection of a waterproof spray. However, in the case of severe water immersion, the color of the suede portion will change. __The material used is organic?__ Yes, we use natural wool and natural leather from Bolivia. __Does Beara Beara join the Fair Trade Organization?__ Since our establishment in 2012, it has always been our philosophy and original intention to help residents of third world countries, encourage them to find employment and provide financial assistance, and improve the living standards of local residents. We chose not to sign up to join the Fair Trade Organization because we don't think we need to be approved by this layer, because our brand has been doing this. Origin / manufacturing methods Bolivia


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