Sand Dust Department‧Risograph limited edition warm water boiled frog print poster

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*Each poster has The Groxury's exclusive security stamp*


The Groxury

Sand Dust Department‧Risograph limited edition warm water boiled frog print poster


Sand and Dust Store · Warm Water Boiled Frog Limited Risograph Print Poster Dimensions: 210 mm x 297 mm Printing process: Risograph Number of editions: 30 --- Each poster has the exclusive anti-counterfeiting steel seal of The Groxury. --- It is recommended to customize the frame according to the size of the poster. --- In order to avoid damage to the paper products during the logistics process, returns are not accepted. The Groxury team will be delivered in a painting tube package, please be careful and rest assured to buy. * * * I once watched a TVB TV series "Hong Kong Frogman" in the early 1990s. The story tells that a family of three sold all their belongings and immigrated to Canada. In the life under the fence, the protagonist deeply understands the suffering of people in other countries. In fact, the plot in the play has long been obscured, but the Hong Kong Island that appeared in the opening film, transformed from a map into a small animation of frogs kicking and fleeing, lingered in my mind for several years. Later, Zihua Shendong laughed and laughed at the closing line in "Accounts before Autumn", "You guys, 97 has arrived, and my (Hong Kong) pheasant has been cooked." It also impressed me. Although, according to experimental research by modern biologists, the argument that warm water boils frogs is not true, it still does not prevent people from citing this story as a metaphor. It is beyond doubt that Cantonese has been able to become a popular culture popularized by the public thanks to the creation of media such as films, television, music, and publications stamped with "Made in Hong Kong" for decades. Therefore, I transformed the image of "Hong Kong" left in my heart in the popular culture into the image of "frog", and the word "sand dust department store" in the seal can be regarded as a symbol representing "Cantonese culture". At the end of the summer of 2017, we released the first T-shirt with “Cantonese Bird Language” as the core theme of the Sand Dust department store brand, thereby expressing the cultural discrimination that the so-called “regional dialects” have always suffered. Although it has entered 2018, for us, it still belongs to the sweater series released years ago. There must be a pattern for the first year of Sand Dust to make an unfinished summary: If "Cantonese Bird Language" is Cantonese Previous life encounters, will the "warm-water boiled frog" become a portrayal of life in this world! ? There was a kind of sweltering, and the frogs didn't even notice it. I thought this sultry came from summer, and it was not until a few suffocations that I realized that the surroundings were all warm water. So I tried my best to get nutrients and space to survive, so I left a trace of "sand dust department store" with a seal. I hope that those who understand it still have the language in their hearts, and hope to plant seeds in the hearts of those who don't. Hopefully the seals are not their last pure land on earth.


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