Cup of drink jam free combination

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130g x 4
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Seasoned boiled jam, It is very suitable to add it to the sugar-free bubble water. Add your favorite fruit and finish the delicious fresh fruit soda!


Cup of drink jam free combination


**/// Yellow, green, pink, gently put it into the cup, . This is the color of spring ///** . . Choose a few flavors, it is very suitable to add it to the sugar-free bubble water, Add your favorite fruit and finish the delicious fresh fruit soda! Or add yogurt, black tea, the taste is also very charming! . **Please help me to indicate the four desired tastes in the remarks column喔** . . ***Jam type introduction** . **Cherry honey plum** Using the cherry honey plum produced in Lishan, the birth period is only one month, the flesh is sweet, the peel is slightly sour, and there is bright red meat and a touch of peach aroma. //jam ingredients // Pear Mountain Cherry Honey Lily, Fresh Lemon and Unbleached Red Sugar . . . **Vanilla sweet lemon** Taiwan's native yellow lemon, sour and strong, plus vanilla, apple sweet and gentle coating of citric acid, slowly released in the mouth. /// Jam ingredients /// Taiwan yellow lemon, fresh Fuji apple, Madagascar vanilla pod, fresh lemon and non-bleached red rock sugar. . . . **Osmanthus Perfume Pear** After the fragrant pear honey stains, add the sweet-scented osmanthus to cook, add a little lychee honey before the pot to add flavor. /// Jam ingredients /// Pear, litchi honey, dried sweet-scented osmanthus, fresh lemon, no bleached red rock sugar. . . . **Red wine mulberry** You can eat the tenderness of the mulberry, you can also smell the red wine and taste the acidity of the cranberry. It is a layered jam. /// Jam ingredients /// Kaohsiung Mino mulberry, imported cranberry, fresh lemon and non-bleached red rock sugar. . . . **Passionate pineapple** Combine the passion fruit grown under the sun in the South and the pineapple. The sour and fragrant fruits of the passion fruit are sweetened with the pineapple and concentrated in the bottle. /// Jam ingredients /// Kaohsiung small farmers non-toxic passion fruit, big tree pineapple and fresh lemon, no bleached red rock sugar. . . . **Orange grapefruit** The rich aroma of Xiangji Shi and the sourness of grapefruit are good! Although the production process is troublesome, the results are very sweet. /// Jam ingredients /// Imported Xiangji, imported grapefruit and Fuji apple, fresh lemon and non-bleached red rock sugar . . . **Earl Apple Tea** The apple is cooked with the Earl of Earn, and half of the apple is beaten. Half of it remains the same, allowing you to apply it easily, and you can retain the taste. Come and taste the delicious apple jam! /// Jam ingredients /// Apple, Earl Earl's Tea, Lemon, Bleached Sugar . . . ***Product Specifications*** 130G plus or minus 10% ***Save Method*** Unopened in a cool place for 6 months. After opening, it is placed in the refrigerator and the best taste period is 2 months. When eating, use a clean and dry spoon to avoid the mildew and mildew of the jam. ***Delicious Proposal** 1. Add two spoonfuls of jam to the bubble water, add the lemon slices as you like, and taste the fragrance. 2. Serve purely delicious with toasted bread or original Sike. 3. Add a little jam, fresh fruit in green tea, and a good fresh fruit iced tea! **Small sweetheart handmade jam with a variety of fruits, taking advantage of each other to create a unique flavor** **Each batch of fruit has different flavors, and there will be subtle differences in each batch of jam, but it is also a natural proof.** **Make a good jam and let you taste the warmth of your heart.** **Enjoy the beauty of this season while enjoying the jam.**


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